Disney Genie service deeply unpopular among fans before it has launched

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From the article:

Disney guests clearly aren’t happy about the change — Disney’s announcement video for the Genie service has a telling 12,000 dislikes compared to 956 likes. The outrage mainly comes from the fact that the FastPass and FastPass Plus, Disney’s line-skipping services that will be imminently phased out, were free to use. Although you didn’t have much control over the specifics of your ride schedule, it still helped you avoid standing in a queue for hours, free of charge.

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Those cast members look like they’re dressed to work in the galactic star cruiser’s infirmary.

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Jeff said:

The "fan" sites were always ridiculous, but they're going to entirely new levels of entitlement and stupidity. They don't hate the parks enough to stop collecting ad revenue from those ****ty video ads they all run.

In the past year or so, I just started venturing down this rabbit hole of the Disney/Universal enthusiast community (or whatever this group is called). So far, I'm completely blown away. I didn't realize how much more extreme this group is compared to the typical coaster enthusiast group. The cringe level is off the charts watching some of these vloggers complain about things like obtaining reservations, trying to come across like it's a serious problem.

I follow one on Facebook that I thought was more news and less of the extreme opinions, but they’ve started to run off the rails lately. It’s an odd sense of entitlement where they think that their satisfaction or lack of actually has an impact on Disney. The fact that some support the idea that upset fans should have direct access to the CEO is the one that blows me away.

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There are a few Florida YouTube vloggers I watch that aren't bad. I can't get over how some of them claim celebrity status and post "fan mail" videos, with followers sending them t-shirts, coffee mugs, gift cards, etc. Sorry, I just don't get it.

Florida Resident Edits is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I don't know who runs the channel, and not endorsing, but recommend watching FRE videos. lol

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Half the time I don't even think its "fan mail" but rather junk people are trying to "advertise" from their Etsy shop. If I were a YouTuber, I could post all of the swag companies send me trying to get me to buy their products. I could make it look like fan mail.


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It makes me sad that this is what fan stuff has become. It used to be community, now it's attention whoring and people doing selfie stand-ups.

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