Disney characters win right to clean underwear

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How would you feel about your employer issuing you underwear with your uniform? That's exactly what Disney did for character actors at the park, allegedly causing the spread of pubic lice and other crotch critters.

Read the yummie details from USA Today.

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Whos the leader of the club who has pubic lice?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-0-U-S-E.....
Another Fallout by Disney!

I didnt know the budget cuts there were so bad that they didnt want their employees to not buy their own underwear.

What's next: They will have to ride the park's go-karts to keep from buying a new car!
God Bless Coasters!!

Backflip Page
Gee, When I got "Lice" down there after visiting disneyland, I thought it was from the nude beach! I didnt think it would come from hugging cinderella every chance I got!!!!!

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