Disney characters win right to clean underwear

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How would you feel about your employer issuing you underwear with your uniform? That's exactly what Disney did for character actors at the park, allegedly causing the spread of pubic lice and other crotch critters.

Read the yummie details from USA Today.

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Now I've heard of everything.

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Oh My GOD! that is the sickest thing I have ever read!
i wouldn't want to share underwear with people i barely knew. I only wear my girlfriend's underwear, and that on saturday night's :-o i mean....it's disgusting. for God sake, let them but their own underwear, or at least provide them with their own set of like 5 pairs so they have 1 pair for each day.

Josh (who would NEVER wear underwear like that)

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Crotch Critters made me do a spit take!

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This definitely gets the crown achievement for "NASTY"!

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Remind me never to hug Goofy!
Well, that was one side of Disney I did not want to hear about.
OK i have heard it all. I think it is time to get off the net now because I have a feeling it is only going to get worse ! But I wonder if that is why mickey mouse was scratching his crotch the last time I was there. *** This post was edited by JORDON DUNHAM on 6/9/2001. ***
Oh Yuck.
This was in my paper The Baltimore Sun yesterday in the business section and to say my jaw dropped at the story was an understatement. I'm not sharing my underwear with anyone.
Damn that's nasty! I think I'll go wash my butt!

What's next at Knott's? Anyone know?
Public, or pubic? that is the question...and what is public lice anyway?
That is one of the most disgusting things ive ever heard...
Ditto MPD for me!

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V2 pubic lice are often called crabs , if that helps you out. I think the title of this article is rather funny. doesn't disney have saftey and health regulations. I mean that can't be safe or healthy the way the were doing it. Now I will never be able to go to disney and keep a straight face.
You got that right Jordan!!
But Mickey is ALWAYS wearing the same red shorts!!! I am glad I'm an animator--bad enough having to draw those characters, let alone bumping into them at the park!!!

Scale model coasters and rides.....
I think i am going to puke!!!!!!!!
How could disney do that????? :(
Now you know why Mickey and Minnie have no kids! LOL
Maybe we should change their names to Itchy and Scratchy (ROTFL)

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