Disney allegedly eyes Coney Island properties

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According to the New York Post, the Walt Disney Co. is looking at the Coney Island properties to consider the feasibility of developing the renewing the area. Disney denies any interest.

Read more from the New York Post.

Well, we could have Disney's Paradise Pier (East) "Fun in the Sun for Everyone" It could have an Intamin single loop called New York Screamin, a Wild Mouse called "Manhattan Traffic Madness" , Deno's Wonder Wheel could be renamed the Sun Wheel, etc.......

Pay to reride the Cyclone would be replaced with FastPass to ride the Cyclone.

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For the Coney Island area, this might be a good thing. However, I would hope Disney would be respectful of the historical significance of the area.
Well, if you look at California Adventure, they did a boardwalk type theming on much of it. They could just extend that a step further. It would also be interesting to see how Disney would handle a cold weather site, since their other locations are in year round warm climates. Would they close in the winter, put a dome over it, or build lots of indoor attractions ?
Well besides the cyclone, in that area there is absolutely nothing worth saving.

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and pat an is correct. Besides the wonderwheel and Cyclone, there isnt much left at coney Island. I think Disney might do some good to the park.

I think it would be interesting to let them own Coney Island. I think that they could keep the classic carnival atmosphere while making it a little more family oriented place.

I would love to see them bring the park back to its "glory days" status, as seen in the Travel Channel documentaries.

IMO, Disney probably won't end up purchasing this park, as they have never bought an existing park before.

Im not sure, but I think that a portion of this area has been declared an historic landmark, and thus, is not open to development. I also know (believe it or not) there are forces in NYC, that will work for the preservation of this area as it is.

Disney, if this report is true, will be opening up a can of worms- I do hope however that they are able to redevelope this area.

I lived in NYC for most of the 1990's, and while I consider myself an anti-corporate, socialist- who is sympathetic to the anti- developement movements (for instance- Times Square, I think, is worse off than before disney developed it). Its my opinion that Coney Island is a different story. Coney is a pathetic version of a glorious past, one that inspires only thoughts of "what it could be" or "what it once was". The City needs to do everything in its power to allow Disney to make Coney Island something (hopefully) amazing.

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There's nothing that says a historic landmark can't be torn down or altered.

There's no incentive to just go in and bulldoze everything. If you did that, you'd lose the nostalgia and one of the primary selling points.

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I'm pretty sure that the city itself owns Cyclone. I don't see why NYC, Disney, or the locals would even want to take down Cyclone. I'd really like to see the surrounding areas develop.

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Boy, If I were disney, I would want to bulldoze the whole thing, save for the wonder wheel, and the cyclone. I just think that the place is a hole, but I know that a lot of people will disagree with me on that.

...and I am completely sincear in asking- what does having something declared an historic landmark do?

I though that mean that you cant destroy something? I thought that the reason things were declared historic, was so you couldnt destroy them or alter them without special permission.

I think Coney Island would be a great place, mabey Disney would build a park like the famouse 1920's steeplechase park.
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Ask Cedar Point about tearing stuff down (Breakers west wings) and registered landmarks.

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Yah yah yah! Steeplechase! They probably wouldn't bring back the midget with the cattle prod.

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I thought the only thing that was a historical landmark was the Cyclone.
The parachute drop tower is also a landmark.

Disney disgusts me, and I would like to see them NOT come in and take over Coney Island.

Some other corporation, OK. Just not Disney.

If there is enough resistance, the landmark status could make it very hard for Disney to take over and have "free reign". That's probably what Disney is trying to figure out.
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Is anyone listening to me? For one I doubt disney would disturb a landmark, and for another, landmark status doesn't mean you can't tear it down.

Why do people hate Disney? I hate green beans and allergies, but not companies that have no consequence in my life unless I choose.

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