Disappointing Carowinds news

I'm surprised nobody has beaten me to it-- I'm guessing most Carowinds fans have heard that our "exciting news" for 2008 is a new wave pool. I was really, REALLY hoping for a new coaster, or at least a good new flat ride. I'm not big on water parks, and I also wonder how "sensitive" the park is being, considering the severe drought that has been affecting the area. (Though hopefully that'll be ancient news by park opening next year.)

I am just so bitterly disappointed. I guess I just got my hopes up too much. When was the last time Carowinds got a new ride, anyway? As far as I'm concerned, Southern Star/Frenzoid doesn't count since it was just bringing back an old ride.



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BORG Assimilator was the last major addition to the park I believe, which was in 2004.

The park DOES add something -- by expanding their water park, but you complain because it's not the kind of addition you personally wanted. Don't really see much merit in this kind of complaint. Even BatwingFanSFA has more of a right to do so with Six Flags America when compared to this.

There is always somebody that is going to whine about their home park being "shafted." *Yawn*

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I was terrified they were taking out the flyers. Had me scared for a second.

Waterpark expansions bring money for the future, and reduce lines for dry rides. The best thing they could do at Carowinds is making sure ALL the wood is running well. A launched or spinning coaster of some variety is SURE to be heading that way soon. Of course, I'm still surprised Dorney got S:UE.

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If I only had a dime for every time I heard "Your Park is going to get a (Insert "Monster Coaster" Type) next year!" that turns out to be a rather insignificant Attraction instead!

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Well, since this *is* a coaster forum, I didn't think I'd get blasted for being disappointed that Carowinds isn't getting any new coasters. Silly me.

Rollergator, I do like your point about the water park reducing lines for the dry rides, though. Hadn't thought much about that. I still think it sucks that Carowinds hasn't had a major (non water park) ride addition in four years, though.

I would just love to see Carowinds get a really good basic hypercoaster, though. Smooth steel with lots of airtime. I can live without inversions-- I don't *dislike* them, but they don't do much for me either. I like that lift-out-of-your-seat floaty feeling that good hills give ya.

Too bad we don't have the terrain for a Phantom's Revenge clone... ;) :D

Cat"Still looking forward to the 2008 season"Purrson

Cats, books, and roller coasters-- three of the best G-rated, calorie-free pleasures in life!

I can definitely understand the disappointment. You've waited four years for...another wavepool? But to not even get a Tornado like KD, well yeah, that stinks.

Now granted, I'm on the other side of the fence when it comes to waterparks because I like them. There are some days when it gets really old sweating away in the sun waiting in endless queue after another one for a two-minute-at-best ride.

Now granted, the waterpark lines may not be much better, but it does feel good to cool off. And if the lines are long at the waterslides, well there's always the wavepool--oh sorry--that would be wavepools in your situation;)

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I wish I could have access to a new coaster every year at the parks I frequent, but unfortunately we have to adjust our expectations to fit the park's size and attendance or we'll be disappointed most of the time.

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In further news, SFA is getting nothing for next year...

Certain victory.

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^That's actually good news for me. Keeps me from feeling the need to go there again.
sounds like a certain former Legacy park up in the Northern Area of Ohio ;)... Upgrade the waterpark, careless for the rides. Hmm... lol

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CatPurrson said: Rollergator, I do like your point about the water park reducing lines for the dry rides, though.

Yes, and have you ever been to Carowinds on a concert day?!? The wave pool is definately overloaded.

CatPurrson said: I would just love to see Carowinds get a really good basic hypercoaster, though.

Again, concerts... If you have ever attended one at Carowinds then you would have seen the constant flow of large aircraft flying low directly over the stadium. I don't know for sure, but there is probably a height restriction in effect for the area Carowinds is in. I agree though, I'd welcome a Nitro clone a little closer to home!

"Shafted" would be a good name for a coaster.
I believe Richard Roundtree might have an issue with that ;)
jshorerzd: There's an airport pretty close to my home park (VF) too...but there was still sufficient headroom for a hyper. However, it did affect the height of the ornamental peak of PT.

CF's been very, very good to our park lately...but had they replaced any of the flat ride additions and even Renegade with a wavepool? I would have been more than happy to take it. There's nothing like cooling off right NOW without a line on a hot day.


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Height restrictions? Lacking hyper airtime?

Try this on "for size".

"The Steel Eel is the Real Deal"...(if ONLY Morgan knew how to build a coaster train, LOL).

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I'm hearing this one's pretty good too. And this coaster's builder knows how to design rolling stock!
Steel Eel's supports look grossly oversized. Talk about an ugly coaster. :)
No doubt rollergator that Steel Eel was probably the second biggest shock of the Zombies tour of 02' (The first one was Ultra Twister (our first park). While many people were at the shows in the afternoon, I kept riding SE, which is significantly better than SF at DP.
Is it just me, or does the beginning of Steel Eel seem to resemble Georgia's Goliath just a little?
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Nobody complains about this bad-boy, either.


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