Design flaw forces indefinite closure of the X at Magic Mountain

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A design flaw has forced indefinite closure of X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Officials had expected the problem to be fixed quickly but offered no timetable Monday for its reopening. The ride was closed in mid-May after maintenance crews noticed one of the coach seats wasn't riding smoothly.

Read more from the Daily News of Los Angeles.

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well, you really can't be any more vague that that, can you? Perhaps Gallardo should run for office. I recognize the need to be...discrete....esp. considering CA's highly-litigious nature, but I guess we'll get no REAL word on what happened to X. There were several rumors floating around at the Con.....I tend to believe those re: stress fractures, and with the continued closure, that becomes even more believable IMO.

At least they're coming clean by putting signs up in the park stating that it's closed.

Hopefully it'll be fixed sometime soon, as it's really an "out of this world" experience.

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No Six Flags bashing from me. You have to give credit to M.M. for trying to pull this ride off. From all reports, it is outstanding. As is the case with many prototype rides, this one will need some work.

I never buy the first year model of a new car. I like to wait until all of the bugs are discovered and worked out. If another 4D is built, I would be willing to bet it will be incredible.

So what are the chances that it will be torn down? (just harmless speculation here) What was the last completely unsucessful ride? Do Windjammer or the Bat count, since they both gave many more rides than X?

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It's sad to see another ride closed. Maybe ride designers won't go too far in the next few years after seeing the problems with Deja Vu and this.
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Anyone notice that in the article they had to bring up the whole brain injury thing? WTF does that have to do with a roller coaster not operating?

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Hmm. That can't be good. I blame Six Flags and not Arrow for the X problems IF the main problem is extreme forces from the ride. When Six Flags decided to build a prodotype over 200 feet (when the existing test model looks to be about ten feet) and with such complicated mechanical systems operating it (we pray the track gauge doesn't ever shift) there are bound to have problems. Both sides (Arrow and Six Flags) took a chance and lost.

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BK - How can you blame Six Flags? Arrow agreed to build it.

I don't think any of us know enough about the deal that transpired to make such a judgement.

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Let me get this straight: X AND Xcelerator were closed for ACE Con?
I'm with you, Kick the Sky. I guess now the Markey contingency has to get their 2 cents worth into every article that's written or broadcasted about coasters. I agree that for this article, even bringing up that rehashed nonsense is totally irrelevant.
Drat! The wife and I are going to SFMM this coming Monday and we were really hoping X would be running.

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This may sound dumb but is the ride closing for good? I never rode it but on the travel channel a few nights ago they has a special show on western coasters ans a whole half hour about X. Is it going for good?

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I think the problem is that Six Flags went to Arrow for the coaster. If it was the other way around, Six Flags wanting a new coaster and Arrow approaching them, it still would have been a bad idea. Arrow has really fallen out of the game and based on recent years, the company has a lot of trouble. Look at Drachen Fire. I never rode it and it might have been great but it was an obvious failure. A lot of Arrow coasters, though great rides, have a lot of mechanical problems. Magnum-XL 200 at Cedar Point is a good example. When I was there a few weeks ago, half of the cars were inoperative because of mechanical problems. Arrow coasters are also known to age very poorly, getting rougher as time goes by. If I wanted to do a coaster like X, I would go to B&M or Intamin first. They have clearly shown what they can do and I would trust them a lot more than a company that is now in bankruptcy.
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About X and Xcelerator being closed for the Con, yes and no. X was definitely down for the count two weeks ago. Xcelerator opened the day after our scheduled time at Knott's. The park, however, comped us a ticket for a return visit the weekend following our time there in order to ride it.

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I'm just wondering how in this day and age a coaster concept gets designed built and opened before anyone realizes there is a "design flaw". Seems impossible.

And just for the sake of controversy, does a SBNO coaster still count or does SFMM only have 14 coasters now. ;)

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ABH....yep, got that right. But at least SF had the decency to add other rides to the ERT, and to staff them. Knott's OTOH, ran ONE tower of Supreme Scream for "ERT" had slow ops, and told us that Xcelerator wouldn't be ready in time. What they MEANT to say was "not ready for YOU". The Con ended, sadly, with almost 700 ACErs from 43 states watching (some near tears, myself included) while KBF employees rode Xcelerator again and again.

The "good news" accroding to Jack Falfas, was that we could come back FREE on Saturday or Sunday to TRY and get a ride in....apparently, he's never heard of LAX, LA traffic, or flight schedules....a boarding pass for ONE ride might've gotten me a ride, free parking for Sat/Sun might've helped out those whose plans allowed, a second night of Ghostrider ERT would've eased the pain, shoot - they COULD have kept a few ride-ops off THEIR Xcelerator ERT to run a second tower on Supreme Scream....they COULD have done a lot of things to help make up for Xcelerator, but instead thought it best to TORTURE us.....having the Knott's employees cheering, getting off, and then re-riding, that was just plain exceptionally bad PR....IMO.

Oh, and the "comped" ticket.....apparently he hadn't heard about CF season nearest CF park is 1,000 miles away (Dorney)....I can get into any CF park free ALL YEAR.....I think it's safe to say most Con attendees probably could say the same. I will get over it, but I think KBF just really "passed" on MANY opportunities to do "just a bit more" considering it WAS the 25th Anniversary CoasterCon....

Finally, LG, that would make 13 for SFMM, I'm going to have to count Flashback as SBNO, at least until I get my ONE ride....which, incidentally, would've been a nice way to close CoasterCon....with ONE ride on Xcelerator....

Welcome to the Cedar Point skyride....we'll take you up 50, drop you down 30, all at an amazing speed of 6 miles per hour....we won't see you back unless you make the return trip!

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Lord Gonchar said "And just for the sake of controversy, does a SBNO coaster still count or does SFMM only have 14 coasters now. ;) "

Oh lord! :) ;)

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>Let me get this straight: X AND Xcelerator were closed for ACE Con?

The nerve huh? How dare the parks close the two newest rides on ACE since as we know, without ACE theme parks would cease to operate...


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It's odd how some people seem to be making up reasons for why the ride is down and who's fault it is.


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