Demon Drop

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IMO, at some point they are going to want to take the ride down, regardless of wether or not it's sold. When it went up for sale, they said it was for future improvement of that area. So they obviously have plans for that spot. After the Coaster Mania Q&A I asked one of the guys sitting on the panel, (I don't remember who, Not Dick, Tony, or John) I asked them, "If Demon Drop didn't sell, but they still had to move it, would they consider putting it at another proporty?" He said they would definatly consider it.

Now, I realize that's a long way from actualy putting it at one of the other proporties, but he could just as easily have said that they wouldn't consider it.
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This kid isn't going to be happy until they send something to Michigan's Adventure.

Enough already.

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