Demon Drop

Demon Drop at Cedar Point was the first ever drop tower, and needs to be saved. If you think it should be saved call Michigan's Adventure at 231 766 3377 or email to Say, Save & Send Cedar Point's Demon Drop to Michigan's Adventure! Every one that writes helps to save Demon Drop.

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I don't know which was the first, but I know it certainly was not Demon Drop.

Demon Drop @ Cedar Point opened in 1983.

Freefall @ Six Flags Magic Mountain opened in 1982.

Wildcatter @ Six Flags Over Texas opened in 1982.
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Maybe Cedar Point had it built and functioning but was hiding it backstage for several years? This would make it the "first ever drop tower", right? :)
I have some odd idea that X-Flight was going to MIA but something about not enough support in Michigan.

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I fully support your cause Coasterkid and I went ahead and did what you asked.*

*It required inventing a time machine, traveling to 4/1/08 and carrying out this task.

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So instead of a new coaster, you're willing to settle for Demon Drop? It'd probably take up more of the maintenance budget than a new B&M.

There's a reason parks have recently been getting rid of their first generation Intamin freefalls, besides the fact that most of the time they're painful.


I saw it for sale somewhere... it was 300,000. I really wanted to buy it. ha
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The original price of $250,000 has been taken off the site, but this is the original listing found in 2005.

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Save Demon Drop . Com

We need people to tell Cedar Fair to save Demon Drop.

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Dude...give it up.
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bobthecoasterguy said:
besides the fact that most of the time they're painful.

Sure, if by "painful" you mean "totally full of awesomeness." :)

Hey I am all for it. I had a bunch of good rides on Demon Drop on my last visit at the end of May. Looking for to catching some more for Boobuzz! Wander how much the upkeep is on those rides. Thinking pretty costly since some of the Six Flags took theirs out. I miss Freefall at Great Adventure.
I agree it's a good ride... but a couple unknown enthusiasts on some site whining and calling them aren't going to change any decisions if they already have them... They're business men, and if they have a reason for it to be up for sale, I highly doubt this would make them reconsider. Also, somehow I knew the first post would be about relocating *something* to Michigan's Adventure ;).
...Then again I already heard they are relocating Magic Mountain's Superman to Mi. Adv. as part of the inter-cedar-flags ride rotation program created just so everything somehow ends up at Michigan's Adventure... ;)
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CoasterKid, give it up already. A low-viewership "petition" if thats what you want to call it, along with a shoddy FreeWebs site advertised as a .com (which might be more appealing if there actually was a, rather than a FreeWebs site just showing a picture and text saying a fake .com).

If Cedar Fair has plans with it, it will go somewhere, if not, it will be scrapped. There is nothing you can do to save it from their plans. They make such plans for a reason, be it maintenance costs, operational costs, or overall worth of the ride.

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matt. said:
Sure, if by "painful" you mean "totally full of awesomeness." :)

Demon Drop isn't too bad, but the ride I had on Stuntman's Fall @ GAdv was pretty much the antithesis of fun.


I can't help but laugh.

We all know major business decisions at corporate of an amusement park chain are dictated by pointless online petitions started by enthusiasts. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Apparently CF does not think enough about the ride to move it north.
I'd also say that considering it's been up for sale, along with GL's Mr. Hydes, for over 2 years and no one's purchased it, that no one really wants it anywhere.

Personally, I hated both those rides. The part where you roll back into the station always hurt when the cars would upright.

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The ride and drop is pretty scarey, but ouch! Not worth saving IMO.

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Maybe...Just Maybe...They do think enough of Michigan's Adventure to NOT move Demon Drop there especially if the reason they want to rid themselves of the ride is if it has become a maintenance nightmare and I suspect that is the case. While I will agree the ride is might just be time to upgrade to new hardware.

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But MiA deserves it!!!

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