Deadliest Coaster Operating?

Does anyone know if there is any particular coaster that has had a higher number significant injuries or deaths on it than others have, that is still in operation? Just wondering, I want to ride it. =o)
Cyclone Coney Island has a dozen or so over the decades, Almost all rider misconduct.

Mindbender Edmonton had a serious accident early on.

Any others?

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Mindbender probably "wins" for most fatalities at once. The only others I can think of involved only one death per coaster ever.

Texas Giant has probably claimed some ribs

How about Mission Space?

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Speaking of the Mindbender crash, has anyone else seen the post-accident photo?

Gotta love that body covered up with a white sheet.

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Wow I just read about the accident in Wiki. Did the car COMPLETELY derail?
That Mindbender picture is disturbing... It just really creeped me out
Of course, *you* can make any coaster you want as deadly as you want...perfect example, ride Magnum at CP with no seatbelt and lap bar up (and no trims too) and talk about legitimate "ejector" airtime as you fly into Soak City (same with Voyage at HW).

Just like with Tony Montana, "it's your world"!!

Mission: Space isn't a coaster. Besides, would you really count people dying after a ride because of a pre-existing heart condition? I wouldn't.

I'd have to go with Mindbender too. That was a really bad accident.

Memphis Kiddie Parks Little Dipper is, by far,
the most painful coaster I've been on. Having raised two kids, and ridden it well over a hundred times, I can attest that little coaster can be brutal on adults.

I've seen more adults walk/ hobble off that thing holding their back. I've never heard of any lawsuits though and I think I know why: Not many grown men are willing to take the heat for saying: I'm getting a lawyer, that baby coaster done messed me up!.


the Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta:

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The Looping Star at Beech Bend Park! :( Ouch! :(

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I have a feeling that if a currently-operating coaster could be defined as deadly, it would no longer be operating. At least I hope that would be the case.

Borntocoast said:
The Looping Star at Beech Bend Park! :( Ouch! :(

For me the ride wasn't that was the automatic launched OTSR release when the train returns to the station that hurt me. The damned thing smacked my right in the nose... ;)

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TOS:The Ride, killer of -est threads? ;)

Any Vekoma Boomerang running a 2 train operation.

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M:TR ;)

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How about X? It killed Arrow.
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^^Deadly? La petite mort? ;)
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Borntocoast said:
The Looping Star at Beech Bend Park! :( Ouch! :(

Yeah, I'm with redman on this one. I didn't think it was nearly as bad as many make it out to be. Been on MUCH worse.

rollergator said:
Deadly? La petite mort? ;)

Nice. :)

BogeyMon said:
How about X? It killed Arrow.

Now, that's funny.

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