DCA and the continued drama of Perilous Plunge

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Testing continues at both Disney's California Adventure and Knott's, but I think it's safe to say that DCA will meet it's opening date. Sadly, I don't think we can say the same thing for Perilous Plunge. With the opening pushed back from Jack Falfas' original statement of Memorial Day 2000, the ride is almost starting to look like it'll finally open some time almost near Labor Day 2000! But at least they'll be opening a safe, tested attraction. All, the rest is at WestCoaster.net

Link: WestCoaster.net

Broken chains have nothing to do with Intamin. They didn't even design the chain for at least one of those parks. The trims were not result of a design flaw. The ride itself had no reason to get trims. It was doing exactly what the park wanted (I guess be careful what you wish for:)).

Most of those delays were not Intamin's fault. They don't build them do they?

"...If We don't get you there in five minutes we don't get you there at all. ~Dispatch Master Tran
Just bad luck I guess huh? OK...
I traveled all ther way from new toe to ride perilous plunge. as usual the opening was delayed.
That's not what I heard about Superman: Ride of Steel..... Intamin didn't put enough stators ( the magnetic brakes, there are 10, the SFA also got 10 and the SFNE one got 12 ) in the brake run at the end, thus, the wheels that pushes the train to the station essentially braked the ride, which is not supposed to happen...... Concerning the lift chains, 3 broken chains in one season is not a manufacturing problem? I think Intamin just brainwashed you...... Like you must believe that Volcano "is all fine and reliable", lol!
Intamin Fan, if I remember correctly, Jeff stated awhile ago that Cedar Point approached B&M first to build MF but B&M told them that they didnt want to construct something that tall.

Absimilliard, that was my whole point, thanks. I know people will defend Intamin to no end because of MF, heck S:ROS is my favorite. But they have an absolutely horrible track record when it comes to sloppy mistakes. I'll take B&M any day.

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SFNE Superman

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