DCA and the continued drama of Perilous Plunge

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Testing continues at both Disney's California Adventure and Knott's, but I think it's safe to say that DCA will meet it's opening date. Sadly, I don't think we can say the same thing for Perilous Plunge. With the opening pushed back from Jack Falfas' original statement of Memorial Day 2000, the ride is almost starting to look like it'll finally open some time almost near Labor Day 2000! But at least they'll be opening a safe, tested attraction. All, the rest is at WestCoaster.net

Link: WestCoaster.net

That's what you get when you build an Intamin thrillride.
Why is Perlious Plunge taking so long to open?

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I talked to an employee at the "Perrilous Paraphanalia" shop, directly across from the Plunge's exit. He said it was mostly the construction company's fault.
1. They delivered not enough chain for the lift, the rest had to be custom machined.
2. They built the bridge over the splash down area too short. Tall folks would have been able to touch it.
3. More than the usual little "on site" problems arose as well.

Gotta ride 'em all!
Hey Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags America, Millennium Force, and Superman Ultimate Escape all opened on time so don't blame it on Intamin. Who's using my identity with a 2000 after it? Couldn't come up with anything original?
once this thing gets running, it will be legendary. who cares when it opens? as long as it DOES open.
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I heard that a lot of the problems with the ride arose from its construction. Something about the original company hired to assemble the steel really botched it up and they had to bring another company in to fix all of the 'problems' left by the first one. Whether this is actually true or not I have no clue.

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You can't trust Intamin. I heard it was opening tomorrow. But ya never know with Intamin. S:TE opened a year late.

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Intamin has never been my choice in roller-coaster design. Just look at Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Several delays and what ended up being a shortened track. What gives? How come "Premier Rides" has no trouble opening there Lim Launched Coasters on time?
Premier also had problems opening thier first couple of lim coasters on time. I would say they open on time now due to the fact they now have some expierience. As for Intamin lim rides I do believe S:UE at sfo opened on time.
Intamin Fan look at this:

Superman The Escape-delays
Superman Ride of Steel-Chain broke at SFA AND SFNE
Perilous Plunge-delays
Superman Ride of Steel-design flaw at SFDL

Dont' blame who?
What is the design flaw of S;ROS at SFDL? I've ridden it many times and never knew there was a problem. Anyones input would be appreciated.
It was fixed last year... With a trim brake.
Thats a big splash
At least Intamin isn't as bad as Arrow!

Keep in mind most of the above mentioned were prototypes. That said Millennium Force also had train delays. :)

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The addition of a trim on SFDL's ride was hardly a design flaw. The problem had a lot to do with that when the kicker wheels were wet on the brake run, the train slid a bit. There was also a bit of whiplash motion for people in the back over that hill, but that was partly a ride responsibility thing. Overall the trim has very little impact.

You can't blame chain breaks on anyone. It's a freak of nature and has nothing to do with the engineering of the ride.

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And that is not a design flaw? Then I don't know what is. And a chain brake is one thing, when it takes a nearly a month to fix it, that's quite another. Like I said, Intamin has a bad track record. Worse than B&M, Morgan, Vekoma and Arrow all put together.
As for Premier Rides always opening coasters on time, I seem to remember Batman & Robin the Chiller was a problem at SFGA. They had it open for a little while and then closed it till the following year if I remember correctly. I don't think Volcano was changed from it's original design. Does anybody have proof otherwise? If it was changed, I'm sure Paramount might have had some say in it. They haven't invested much money into adult rides at PKD for some time now. Notice that Cedar Point picked Intamin and not any of the other manufactures you listed for MF. If they didn't have faith in the company, certainly they would have picked someone else. It's a shoot-the-chutes ride that we're arguing about anyway. I'm suprised anyone really cares. Except for Escape from Pompeii (Intamin) at BGW which gets you midly wet, I hate how soaked you get on these rides. And has anybody smelled the water on most of these rides? Yuck! *** This post was edited by Intamin Fan on 8/25/2000. ***

As I recall, Volcano's track layout was not shortened, although there are a lot of rumors still floating around about it. There was other problems with it though, as they were still working on the inversion that comes out of the top of the Volcano a couple of months after it was supposed to be open - evidently they screwed up and had to change it because it made the ride to intense.
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Their hypers are the best hands down, but PP is not a hyper. It is a first of it's kind thrillride, and as usual, Intamin can't deliver a ride on time. I just call them as I see them. PP's merit is irrelevant.

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