Dandelion Park in WI

I grew up in Milwaukee and was wondering if anyone else remembers, or has been to, this park. I used to go quite often when i was growing up and have wonderful memories. They had a great Flyers, wild mouse and haunted house. I remember being petrified to ride the, what seemed enormous at the time, coaster, but eventually went on and the rest is history. Anyone with info/stories, please share.


I forgot to mention, the park has long been gone, im just traveling down memory lane

Where was it at in Wisconsin?

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The park was in Muskego. They had one coaster and a a handful of flat rides. It was mostly a picnic park for employee picnics. I dont remember the haunted house or the wild maus but I do remember the flyers and I remember going on their whip. That was my first "big"ride which I rode when I was like 6 years old. I know that there are now condos built where the park used to stand.

As for the roller coaster, I vaguly remember it being a white wooden coaster. Everyone I ask about it to has a different story. Everyone says they closed it because it was falling apart and a carload of passengers were killed on it one day. I know this is a bunch of hoey but that is the popular myth. Also no one remembers the name of the coaster. My father in law's story of the coaster is the funniest. He claims that when he rode it he could hear boards falling off the ride. Hehe.

I had contacted the Muskego chamber of commerce and the Waukesha County Historical Museum to see if they had any info on this park for a future website. All they have info for is an earlier park on Pewaukee lake called Waukesha beach which at one time had I believe three coasters and had around 5 different coasters during it's operating days.

That is all I have for now. If you dont live in the area anymore and you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will ask my parents or in-laws and try to get the answers for you.


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I went to it years ago but was young and dont remeber much about the park. I do remember that somebody was killed on the coaster, the wild mouse i think and after that the park closed down and im assuming due to the accident!
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You see even Bob has heard the story about someone dying at the park. I can say with certainty that no one died at that park during it's operation otherwise I would have found something about when attempting to research it. I really don't think they had a wild mouse. I am absolutely certain about the wooden coaster though.

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Kick the Sky... I too remember the story (myth) that someone was killed on the coaster. You are right, it was white and did appear to be not in the best condition. I remember that it did not have a ratcheting lap bar, just came down to a point and had burgandy padding. I do remember being TERRIFIED to take my first ride, but enjoyed it often after that. I remember the whip also, wasn't it in a semi-enclosed building? The haunted house was hokey. You traveled in a moving car through the building and the thing i remember most is you would come up to a falling sheet of water that would stop right when you got up to it. We screamed every time :)

I think they had a Rock-O-Plane and and a Hammer also.

I do remember having a lot of fun there though.

Dandelion Park also had a big PTC carousel. It was sold to the International Museum of Carousel Art after the park closed. It was restored and was at the World's Fair in Vancouver, then at a mall in LA. It is now back near where it started it's career in upstate NY.

i spent many a weekend there as a kid, mostly back in the mid to late 60`s. the coaster was fun, but the darkride or spookhoues was the best.it was called jungleland , it was supposed to be like being in darkest africa..it was cool we would yell crazy stuff at people and throw candy and peanuts...lol..the bumpercars were right next to it . the bumpercars were neat too lots of good hits on parents with small kids, girls and so on and soforth.next to the wild mouse was a ride called the sleigh ride, made to be like you were on a sleigh going round and round...that was one of my favs. the mouse was very scarey it was old and rusty with no safety at all...they had thses really cool swings?with a big flap in the front that could make them go in and out. the ride was elevated up in the air and was really fun.there was a beach to swim. a shooting gallerielots of other rides, the hammer, whip,ferris wheel, twister, ski jump,tilt a whirl. tip top..which always made me sick the roc o planes were a neat ride tooand a bunch of kiddie rides....games food a train a park to picnic in and a big dance hall.....what a great place.......the last time i was there was in 75 the company i still work for had its picnic there and all the ride were free.......

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Talk about resurecting an old topic............... As an addedum to this the carousel is now for sale. It can be seen at Brass Ring Entertainment's site


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.......the last time i was there was in 75 the company i still work for had its picnic there and all the ride were free.......

You STILL work for that company? You are a rare bird indeed! Not many folks can say that about any company (except the government) :)

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It's probably either Briggs and Stratton, Harley Davidson, or Miller Brewing Company. Those companies are still known to have long term employees in the area.

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Doesn't Kohler still have a big plant in Wiscondon somewhere?

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Is that the carousel at Palasades Mall? If I am not mistaken that is what it looks to be. Sad to see a great piece of American history up for sale, and I still can't pick the right darn Powerball numbers...

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^^ Spotted Cow is the best!!! Getting pretty spoiled as it is on tap at most bars here now.

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You lucky dog! A friend of mine who I worked with at CP and was from Madison told me about that stuff!

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RCDB spells it DandiLion, and they mention 3 coasters, Tailspin was the name of the wooden one, the did have a Wild Mouse, and a third coaster listed as Unknown, but it was a kiddie coaster. The parks timeline and pictures of two out of the three coasters can be found HERE.


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great footage of the Tail Spin.


I will tell you all I remember...

The park closed in '78. I was a Junior at Muskego High. Go Warriors ! They added 2 attractions the year before. A Go Kart track with Honda powered karts was North of the Roller Coaster. A light gun shooting gallery was under the Giant Slide. Just across from the ballroom that hosted Rudy Vallee in the 20's. the last year open they had...

A Rok-o- Plane

Twin hammers

Dodgem Cars

A miniature Steam Train


Shoot the Star Tommy Guns.

Tilt a Whirl


Airplanes on chains

Swinging Gym. My Favorite !!!

Farris Wheel.

The best swimming beach on Little muskego Lake.

And all the others mentioned before

After the vid another vid for a Wildmouse came up. They said it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I wonder if he was the designer of all the Wild mouses?

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