Dan Snyder buys Johnny Rockets (could get interesting)

When I say interesting, some Johnny Rockets are at CF parks. Although it probably won't mean much, it's just an ironic tie-in now between two rival amusement park companies.

If anything, you will see Johnny Rockets restaurants now start appearing in SF parks.

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My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Yeah, the article even says he'd like to put them in SF parks.


Maybe this is why Cedar Point is talking about new restaurants?

I've been to Johnny Rockets at CP and Southpark mall. I liked the one at CP better.

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It means nothing. I sail on Royal Caribbean frequently, and they are just another part of the food offering. I ate at CP's a few years back, and it simply enhances CP's basic foodservice operations.

They command top rent, so I can't see Synder pulling them back from other non SF owner entertainment offerings and locations. There is no SF in CP's market, so it would stay.

I have seen JR's in outlet malls owner by the Glimmcher Group, and at Bally's Park Place in Atlantic City. You wouldn't exclude them from other casino or retail companies. JR's competition is from Fatburger, Steak and Shake, etc.

Like Cold Stone, JR's can only help a theme parks foodservice offerings.

Harborplace here in Baltimore had one (I think it's still there; haven't been there in ages), and Arundel Mills Mall by the airport has one. I've eaten there, and it's OK. Now, put a Cheeseburger in Paradise in my local SF, then I'll move in.
There is 1 in the franklin mills mall in PA about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.


Snyder may not pull JR's from CP, but CP may tell them to leave. I can see them not wanting a restaurant inside their flagship park that is also inside Six Flags parks. But, that could just be me.

How many other CF parks have a Johnny Rocket's?

I believe Knott's is the only one that has a Johnny Rockets other than Cedar Point. It was put in just last year.

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Crashmando said:
There is 1 in the franklin mills mall in PA about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.

I've been there, as well as the one thats right in Philly on South Street. They're pretty good. A little on the expensive side, IMO< but good.

CF won't tell them to leave.
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What I thought was interesting about the Knott's location is that it is just down a ways from a Diner-type restaurant (near Xcellerator). Then again, everything at Knott's is 'just a ways' away.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Red Robin in CP.

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If CF makes money from them and SF makes money from them being in SF parks, I don't see them going anywhere.

^ I love Red Robin. I wouldn't mind seeing more of them.

Red Robin would be awesome. Having RR and Famous Daves at Cedar Point...*drool*

My two favorite restaurants.

Ill be the first to say: No Red Robin! Didnt really care for the place before I got food poisioning from it but now I refuse to eat there period.

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2 changes I see happening at Johnny Rockets in the near future

1. Price increases, $7 for a burger and $4 for a soda?

2. Virtual que system, for the right price you can cut the entire wait list.

Anybody else feel like singing Y.M.C.A.?
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2. Virtual que system, for the right price you can cut the entire wait list.

Hehe, if you frequent restaraunts that get long waits and have other ways to spend your time - it's pretty easy to 'virtually' wait for a table while getting other things done and then 'walk-in' to a spot in the restaraunt a little later. (a lot like the standard Q-bot)

I couldn't tell you the last time I stood around outside a restaraunt waiting with the masses for a table.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Red Robin in CP.

They're ok, but if we're calling the shots on what we would want to see replace Johnny Rockets, I'd say Fuddruckers for the win. *** Edited 2/10/2007 1:03:30 AM UTC by GregLeg***

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For Six Flags, I don't think SF is looking for hamburger places, since they already have Mooseburger Lodge chain (private Label Chain) that does very well.

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