Cypress Gardens - Starliner: The Lift Hill Has Risen

I've just received news that Starliner's track and lift hill was finished on Monday and the first TEST RUN was dispatched on Tuesday and made it around the whole track without any flaws. Guests who witnessed the run said that the ride looks faster than it did at MSAP. IMO, Starliner might just make it for a Saturday Opening.
Update: July 14th is the new Opening Date for Starliner.
Media Day July 12th, 2007!
Well today was the day for the first of this weekends events with the Starliner roller coaster. I arrived at the park for the morning ribbon cutting and rides like a normal media event. The owner of the park Kent Buescher was on hand for the announcement of the rides opening with lots of information about the Starliners history and about Cypress Gardens history. Now came the bad news that the new coaster was just not going to open to the public today. So since the roller coaster wasn't going to open today the park gave everybody a front of the line pass good for one time on the Starliner once it opens and cool Starliner t-shirts were handed out. So here is where a little disappointment with not getting to ride but turns turns out that I and a few other club members were in for a big surprise. 5 of us were invited by the park to be temporary employees. The owner of the park gave us a little interview and we were paid 1 dollar for one hours work testing the coaster which was the only way we were able to ride. We got to ride 4 times with the owner of the park, we got locked in the restraints by the owner of the company that rebuilt the Starliner. I was probably the first of 35 people to ever ride the roller coaster, wow does membership have its priviledge. It was so awesome to get to ride the Starliner especially on a day when only a lucky few employees got to ride the ride. So how was the ride, well guess its about as expected for those that like the old nostalgic wooden coasters you will love it. Lots of medium floaty air and some slammers on a few of the bunny hills. The ride is a lot of fun for a meduim sized wooden coaster. The trains are new and comfortable with lots of room in the seat especially with the single lap bar. Well it was a great day at the park and was a pleasure to meet the park owners and managers and get some rides on the Starliner. Awesome
I was one of the 5 "Honerary Employees" who got to ride the Starliner! :) After the announcement was made stating they could not open the Starliner to the General Public :( most everybody scattered, including several members of ACE and FLCC. I stood by, knowing that the Regional Rep for ACE (Chris Kraftchick) was still comferring with the Cypress Gardens Management. I was amazed at how he and the Management were able to find a "Loophole" in the Regulations so we could get a few rides on the Coaster! For those of you who took off, guess what YOU Missed! It pays to be a Diehard!

Tankful of Gas: $35.00

Lunch: $ 10:00

Admission to Cypress Gardens: $ -1:00

Being one of the first to ride the relocated Starliner: :)PRICELESS!!!:)

Answer my Prayers: Overbook my next Flight!

It was awesome to get to ride with Kent. I have some of the group photos that Kerri took. I will have them on mysite soon (borntocoast).

It was alot of fun yesterday and what a special treat for the few of us that just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Maybe one last look at the Starliner as I may go opening day for one last round of photos and a few more rides.

Personally I think it was bad form to NOT BE ABLE TO OPEN IT and then have people ride it infront of them.

WOw, He's out five bucks, Why didn't he make it 50 cents and give everybody temporary status.

Chuck, not blaming Kent for the delay but I think either all or nothing should have sufficed. I showed up at a media day that the coaster didn't open once, They gave us the rest of the days pass for free and THE REAL MEDIA DAY plus ert FOR FREE when it did open.

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Congrats to you guys who got to ride Thursday! :)

I got to stay here in Titletown and work on eradicating dozens of programming bugs...kinda helps to explain why I'm so forgiving of S&S... ;)

I didn't get picked for the Saturday media day (via lottery), probably go anyway....maybe Sunday. MANY thanks to Kent B., the engineering and construction crews, to PTC, to Cypress, ACE, and anyone involved that got us back the oldest wooden coaster in FL....and an improved version no less... :)

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It sounds great already. Just wait 'til it breaks in (again). :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Here's an onride video taken by the WH Chamber of Commerce:

Looks awesome. Where's my dragon tunnel though?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
The Dragon Tunnel should be added by the end of fall. A friend of mine asked Kent on Media Day.
Sweet. That was always my favorite section. That little unexpected pop of air in the dark is GLORIOUS.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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It will be nice when the tunnel is back on. LOOKED really nice last night.

Unfortunately, ride's broken until further notice. Best GUESS (from park employees, but not mechanics) is that a sensor took a nosedive early yesterday. Starliner *should* be open again by this coming weekend...based on the prediction of the operator at GR this AM. "Down for the next SEVERAL days".

I remember KY Rumbler took a lightning strike and was up the following day (granted, that was after going to WAY extraordinary lengths to get the part delivered and installed). Makes me wonder if the "sensor" was really the cause...?

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