Cypress Gardens - Starliner: The Lift Hill Has Risen

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New 3-bench PTC's would be great! Now if only they'd have buzzbars. :) Fingers crossed...

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Construction Update May 13th, 2007!
Whats new today with Starliner construction. Up in the station area it looks like track layers have been put down and seems like main support work in the area seems to be done. A lot of work is happening in the far end turn around as more supports have gone up in the turn and looks like walkways and the start of track layers is happening. I was told that all footers have been poured for the ride and was told that the far end turn has 47 degree banking. Lots of work has happened over the last week as the photos show. One last bit of news to report from the site today. It seems there has been a change in construction companies doing the rebuild. From what I could find out Cypress Gardens felt the ride could have been built quicker even though all the permit delays were not the construction companies fault (without the delays STI would have gotten it done). I will try to find out more next week and will try and find out who the new company is.
Looking at the layout I think the buzzbars would be the greatest and on my annual trip to BGA for new Shiekra trains (sweet), I think I will have to stop by for the credits and for this coaster.

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DOn't underestimate the power of the "kiddie" woodie. It's really quite a good ride in its own right. There's plenty of cool stuff at Cypress, it's considerably more well-rounded ride-wise, than the sister park in Valdosta (which really can be "done" in just a few hours).

Also kinda cool how, OTHER than rides, WA is more geared to animals, Cypress more toward plants. Never noticed that complementary nature before....hmmmmmm. ;)

From all that I can tell, Starliner is going be one HEAPING helping of gravy, though. Might well become the best woodie in the state...again. :)

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CoasterFan914 said:
Construction Update May 13th, 2007!
Whats new today with Starliner construction... the far end turn has 47 degree banking.

The ride was originally designed by John Allen to have a maximum banking figure of 36 degrees. In a sequence which may have played out as a foreshadowing of the much greater troubles with the Beast a decade and a half later, it was felt by somebody that this was insufficient banking, and the outer ring of track was subjected to a crude but apparently effective system of shims which pushed the maximum banking angle up to 41 degrees (plus or minus) (even while the ledgers carried the 36 degree angle maximum). Since all of John Allen's original banking angles were stated as multiples of three, we reasoned that the intent was for 42 degree banking. That was the last figure I heard was being used, not 47 degrees.

Thanks as always for the updates!


Does anyone know if the opening date has been pushed back or not? The one I know of is June 11th, but I think it may be pushed back to late June.
I always heard that was the mosty problematic area of the ride, probably due to the fact that it was one of Allen's first attempts at a turnaround that wasn't a standard flat out-and-back affair.
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^^^Even at 42*, the ride would still carry better speed around the turnaround than it did at MSAP, right?

More and more, everything I'm *hearing* about the "new and improved Starliner" sounds yummy! Still, do we have anything definitive vis-a-vis the Dragon's mouth?

LOVE to see that uber-sweet tunnel make a triumphant return - name the Dragon Ellie, "the Nessie of Lake Eloise"... ;)

LOL, Rob had to jump in and mess up my ^arrows^. Now I'll never make it to >>Kennywood>>! :)

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Without being an engineer, I would tend to think so. And that would mean increased speed throughout the second half of the ride, correct?

Are there any other changes being made to the ride as it's being rebuilt in Winter Haven, major or minor?

John Fetterman said:

Since all of John Allen's original banking angles were stated as multiples of three, we reasoned that the intent was for 42 degree banking. That was the last figure I heard was being used, not 47 degrees.

Thanks as always for the updates!


Thanks for the clarification on the angle of the far end turn around. I am only going by what I was told by a person at the park. Hope everybody enjoys the photo coverage of the Starliner.


We do, I can assure you of that. The updates are very much appreciated!
It's good to know that people here appreciate Starliner and Cypress Gardens, unlike some sites I've been to.
Thanks for the photo updates Johnny Upsidedown.

They've made a lot of progress since my last visit there a few weeks ago! I am looking forward to my next visit to see even more progress in person, and of course I am looking forward to eventually getting to ride.

I have fond memories of making several daytrips to Miracle Strip that final 2004 season to say goodbye, which was only about 4.5 hours away from my then home in New Orleans.

I knew I'd be saying goodbye FOREVER to the park, but was hoping that somehow, someway the coaster could be saved.

Since then, I've had to sadly (and unexpectedly) say goodbye to Astroworld and Texas Cyclone, Myrtle Beach Pavillion and Hurricane, and, barring a one in a million miracle, my then-home park of SFNO and Megazeph.

But, thanks to Cypress Gardens, at least one beloved woodie that I have a history of riding will have new life and a happy ending.

And for that I am VERY grateful, to ALL who are involved in saving this great classic woodie! :)

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Here's a new update from Greg. Looks like the far end turn around has some new track work added to it and Starliner is now expecting a Late June opening.

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Starliner was on the Channel 8 (WB) news this morning. They say it will be opening to the public by the end of June. They announced it as Florida's oldest rollercoaster. Looked pretty cool...laden with airtime :-)
Construction Update May 20th, 2007!
Wow where to start this week. First, I have found out that the new General Contractor doing the Starliner rebuild is PLH Associates and for more information about the company there website is . Today I had the oppertunity to meet the Assistant Project Maneger Michael Sumler and one of the Lead Trackers Charles Simmons. We chated for a few minutes as they told me of the many coasters there crews have worked on. The guys even allowed me a peak inside for a quick photo of some of the guys working. A ton of work has been done this week, the guys told me there crews are basically working 24 hours a day. Okay so now onto the photos what is going on at the park today. We have the first signs of paint getting put on parts of the ride mostly in the station area. In the far end turn around area alot of track layers have been going down as its really starting to look like a coaster. We have another hill going up today which is the hill just before the tunnel area. Anyway tons of photos below from today showing the latest work getting done and some new angles of the middle section.
The Starliner looks smaller than usual doesn't it?
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Wow. The progress is impressive.

AV Matt
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Yes work is moving a long at a very fast pace. I was told they have at least a 30 man crew working on the ride now. The are working 2 long shifts some of the crews are working 3 shifts but work is happening 24/7 . They are still shooting for a late June opening. I was also told that the steel layer will start going down by Memorial day maybe sooner. I wish I could get up their this week but its a bit of a drive. The work is going incredibly fast as I said it is starting to look like a coaster. I would expect to see most of the bents up by my next photo run, except for the lift hill. Most of what is left is a side by side run and the bents are connected so its going to go fast. I would expect Greg as mentioned above at the Cypress fan site will get by the park mid week so there should be some photos soon. More as it happens. *** Edited 5/22/2007 9:48:44 PM UTC by Johnny Upsidedown***
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I expect to get there Memorial Day weekend, no out-of-state trips for the holiday (southern Georgia don't count).

MANY thanks to CoasterFan914 and Johnny U. (not the Unitas guy, LOL) for all the updates and pics...long live the Starliner!

Oh, thanks also to Kent B. and Cypress for re-building the ride... ;)

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