CW 2012

Announcement date is set!

Step aside Hershey's 2012 addition ;)

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Here is the direct link.

And for those wondering, pushing the date on your PC forward will change the clock. However, pushing it forward enough to see the announcement didn't reveal anything. I'm not sure parks will ever make that mistake again. :-)

If I did my math right, they announcement will be at 7am Eastern on August 18th.

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Strange that it is so early. I guess they are not making a formal announcement as the park is not open that early.

From what I'm hearing this is looking like Intamin but who knows. I was at CW and the amount of footers is getting excitting.

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Just because the park isn't open doesn't mean media won't be there. Besides, what do you mean by "formal."

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Well hopefully, If its that good, KI, CP, KD and Knotts will get one so I don't have to drive so far and have a passport :)

It must be FLying Scooters, The only Must ride I know of :) Just kidding.......

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I meant it wouldn't be like HW's upcoming announcement. In front of an audience and what not. Or am I wrong? 7 am is pretty earlier for that. Not sure I would get up for that.

^I suspect they're going to announce it on one of the local morning shows.

CP24 perhaps?

^^^ If one of the rumors is true CP already has one... and it's called maverick.

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^It would be great to see the Mack version - blue fire Megacoaster

supposedly a much better version than Intamin and world class ride.

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Blue fire was awesome. It still has the heartline roll too. :-) Having just ridden it, I can't imagine having the element on Maverick. Going though it at Maverick's speed would be ridiculous. Though, who knows if they even had the same turn radius.

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I have heard assorted rumours. This is what I do know. Wonderland would not build a low capacity ride at this point. Their attendence is too high for a low cap ride.

I'm fairly sure this ride will launch, and that it will have inversions.

There is a rumour out there that it will be over 300 feet. This one I don't get, nor do I believe it. A tall coaster is the only good type of coaster CW has now.

I've heard a few people suggest intamin dive machine prototype. A 350' dive machine prototype. Sounds far fetched. Anyone know anything about such a prototype in the works? Could one of these have inversions at such a height.

The quote slaped on the web site is interesting. It kind of suggests uniqueness. Otherwise why would this be the one and only one for 2012.

Trying not to get my hopes too high but I'm getting the sense this one could be something special. Nungester.... might want to get that passport... just in case. ;)

300ft Rocket coaster with a i305-like layout that follows?

More Giga coaster indications have surfaced. Someone took a photo of rebar cages, and a label says 'Giga Coaster Caps' on it, and not in an obvious way. I'm sure the picture will be on Screamscape soon.

Still can't figure why they would want to go the Giga route 4 years after a hyper. A really nice hyper to boot.

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This is the photo mentioned above

It reads

UCC Group
Giga Coaster Caps
Concrete Caps & Grade Beams

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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^^ Why not?

2012 is shaping up to be a great year. Hershey, Dollywood, BGW...all with major headlining installations.

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I agree. You did forget Holiday Worlds $9,000,000 ride. While we still don't know what that one is, it will be a major installation.

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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Yes very true...have to keep a close eye on them as well. And Carowinds seems to have something up their sleeve of course.

And Six Flags Great America. They're announcing on Monday.

...And a few "other" parks that are announcing in the fall.

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and... Maverick?


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