Currently traveling to every major park in the country. Advice

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So early this year my lady and I decided we were going to visit every cedar Fair park in the country. That soon turned into every Six Flags, Cedar Fair and all the other major parks as well.

So we began this earlier this year documenting our adventure on facebook and instagram. Writing reviews, opinions, ect. Someone recently suggested we should launch a website/ blog showcasing our unbiased, extremely unfiltered reviews across the country. Rating our best parks, rides and overall experience at each location.

My sexy coaster lady started a snapchat devoted to our adventure
SnapChat: Thecoasternerds
Currently im posting our photos and reviews on my facebook page and instagram until we launch somethung dedicated to this. Feel free to follow along if interested.

With that said, Any Thoughts on this? Suggestions? Advice? Has anyone managed to explore every major park in the country?

Cedar Point is my home park even though we live between Chicago and Las Vegas.

As I speak we are on our way to Indiana Beach and this year we have already knocked out CP, KI, SFGA, SFMM, Mt. Olympus, Dollywood, SFGreat adventure, BGTampa and several coasters at some small parks.

Until we launch a blog or site the girl and I will be posting our reviews and thoughts on fb, sc, and Ig.
Snapchat: Thecoasternerds
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SC: TheCoasterNerds

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As of this year my best friend has been on every coaster in North America. He spent 13 years doing it so good luck on your trip. Would certainly be an exciting adventure to take.


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DJTimmay said:

Has anyone managed to explore every major park in the country?

I think it's safe to say more than a few have - just not in one summer.

Interesting approach. It's all going to start feeling the same after a while. Alternately might have tried to visit all the parks that aren't major chain parks - you'd likely end up with much more interesting stories to tell.

I agree with Gonch. The smaller parks are as a rule far more enjoyable than the big ones.

Also, every coaster in North America? Really?

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I'm not going to say they're more enjoyable, but if you're looking to tell stories, the umpteenth big chain park is going to be telling basically the same story as all the others.

There are 45 amusement parks in the United States that have at least 5 roller coasters. It would be nearly impossible to visit all of those parks in one year.

Busch Gardens Tampa
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
California's Great America
Cedar Point
Darien Lake
Dorney Park
Elitch Gardens
Frontier City
Great Escape
Holiday World
Indiana Beach
Kentucky Kingdom
Kings Dominion
Kings Island
Knott's Berry Farm
Lake Compounce
Magic Springs
Michigan's Adventures
Morey's Piers
Mt Olympus
Nickelodeon Universe
Playland Park
SeaWorld Orlando
Silver Dollar City
Six Flags America
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags New England
Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags St Louis
Wild Adventures
Worlds of Fun

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Not if you had plenty of money and plenty of time.

I certainly don't, but there's people to whom this feat would be very realistic.

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Why would that be impossible? A day at each park would be 45 days. The operating season is much longer than that.

Back in the prime years of our interest, we hit between 20 and 30 parks a season several years running and that was with minimal effort and young children. Two adults could pull this off no problem.

This sounds like the test of a relationship to me. Good luck with that, especially.

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Come on guys. This is obviously a total fake. He's got a hot girlfriend. There's no way he's a coaster nerd....

Yeah, but watch. By the end of this the sexy coaster lady will be a bitter hag and The_naked_Deejay will be lookin for a laundromat.

I kid, I kid. Mainly because I'm jealous of such a trip.

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Every "major park" is easily doable (not recommended in one season, but doable). Took me about 8-10 years to do it at a more gradual pace...considering budget, time off work, family, and you know, life.

Doing it with kids would be nearly impossible....except for that one guy....

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I've been to every US Cedarfair park, Disney Park, Universal and Busch/Sea World Park. I've also hit a lot of big independent parks like Hershey, Kennywood, and Holiday World. I've also hit SDC and Dollywood. I'm no where close to visiting all the SF parks (I have hit most of the majors with the exception of SFGAdv and SFA.)

My suggestion is that you spread it out and see other sites along the way (national parks, historic sites, major cities.) Strictly going to parks gets boring and physically/mentally exhausting.

I suspect that this trip will also soon convert you from a quantity to a quality enthusiast. You will soon realize that some parks are better then others, and in future trips you will focus on hitting your favorites over and over again.

One more suggestion: other then SFMM, the parks are so much more then the sum of their roller coasters, experience the other things they have to offer like flats, water rides, dark rides and shows.

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I have to ask, why?

Not even taking into consideration the money it would take, but think of the time and effort. I can't imagine. I think by the end of an excursion like that I would be so burned out. I mean, I get burned out on amusement parks after one full day at one park. But I'm a hundred years old. LOL

Those 45 parks are spread out over 26 states--27 if you count Carowinds as being in 2 states.

45 parks + 2 driving days x 26 states = 97 days. And I KNOW you don't need 2 days to drive from Adventureland to Worlds of Fun.

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Honestly, given the money and the time off, I would totally do something like this.

Well, I'd have to have a lot more time off and then a lot more money, because I'd owe my soon-to-be-wife her idea of the trip of a lifetime so we could call it even. ;)

Seriously, have a fantastic time. If you could squeeze in a few days at some of the larger parks, it might not be a bad idea, but honestly, have a blast. I've been to most of them (I'd say I have Silver Dollar City, Holiday World, Great Escape, and maybe one or two others left in the States before I've wrapped it up), and I think it's fantastic that you're taking the opportunity to do this!

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Last summer was good for me, I got a couple/three east coast parks that had been on my bucket list for a long time.
The western parks is where I'm lacking. SFDK, Cali GA, and Lagoon come to mind as must-dos before I expire. Texas is good save for Sea World.
Now that I think about it, do I have most of the SF parks under my belt? I think all but two. And I think I have only one CF park left.

Well, if nothing else this couple's trip has me thinking about where I haven't been. The trouble with visiting a rash of parks all at once would be the eminent feeling of having to go back again as new and worthy attractions are added. I'm missing all kinds of coasters at SFGA because my last visit was so long ago. Every year I think I'll get back to Chicagoland but I never do.

Airtime Always said:

There are 45 amusement parks in the United States that have at least 5 roller coasters. It would be nearly impossible to visit all of those parks in one year.

I agree with Gonch with hitting smaller parks. They do make for great stories even when the rides are less than pleasant. Being coaster whores after credits, my wife and I hit the smaller places that have only a kiddie coaster. We've gathered a lot of memories just hitting those. It's not the rides themselves, it's the trips getting them.

Also small parks find it harder to stay in business and compete. People want to close them and replace with condos and shopping centers. One place that closed that I really enjoyed was Whalom Park. One wooden coaster and ton of flat rides. Had so much fun there. Shame to see it gone!

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Please take me with you... What a fun journey that awaits you! I will start following your Instagram ASAP.

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