CP To Get New Ride, 1/2 An Announcement

Saturday, August 21, 2004 11:33 PM
Gravy and Pancakes in the same thread... mmmmm.
Sunday, August 22, 2004 12:35 AM
The announcement will come soon enough.

Also, midwave, you missed out. Splash Lagoon added 2 new slides which opened in July... ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2004 1:27 AM
The annoucement was on WTAM 1100.

Speaking of Waterparks...CP is hyping the HECK out of Castaway Bay. You can barely step anywhere and not here about it...everything from billboards, to park adds for it. Even at GL you hear about it.

BUTTTttt...even with this Castaway Bay opening up. There is the HUGE/GIGANTIC Kalahari Waterpark and resort being built on 250, a little after you get off the turnpike. The massive amount and land and structure already going up is going to make yet another statement for the good of Sandusky. All these water parks are all with in about 15 minutes of each also.

Sunday, August 22, 2004 1:47 AM
I saw that other new one going up while I was up there. If all of this is up by next year, I may just be spending a 4 day weekend in Sandusky next summer...
Sunday, August 22, 2004 3:29 PM
The big question i have about Castaway Bay is, are they going to limit the amount of guests in the building when the park is getting too crowded, which is how crowd control is at SplashLagoon,EriePA? Or is that not possible because they are only allowing hotel guests in the waterpark?

Oh, both my Godson and myself submitted the names for the 2 new Splash Lagoon slides, but neither of us won....but it was a fun idea! I love Splash Lagoon, and hope that Castaway Bay will be just as fun. The biggest concern I have is that CF is prone to gouging prices in most of their markets.(GL food and game prices went thru the roof in 2004, except for memorabilia that many don't want anyways) Splash Lagoon was extremely affordable !(1 example....Large Pepperoni Pizza was 12.99, and tasted better than any other park pizza I've had) *** Edited 8/22/2004 7:35:36 PM UTC by midwave***

Sunday, August 22, 2004 8:34 PM
1 coaster wouldn't be bad.

1 coaster with a Giant Frisbee would be good. (especially for those dying for a flat ride)

2 coasters that duel and a Giant Frisbee would be great!

Sunday, August 22, 2004 9:34 PM
Midwave - From what I understand only guests staying at the Radisson will have access to Castaway Bay.
Sunday, August 22, 2004 9:50 PM
That and as of November 1 it won't be called Radisson anymore. ;)
Sunday, August 22, 2004 10:08 PM
my opinion is that i think that they should stop building new rides at cedar point for a good while and start thinking about what they're going to build in the future for other parks in america. Besides CP is the world's largest amusement park with like 16 rollercoasters..isn't that enough? sorry people but that's just my opinion.
Sunday, August 22, 2004 10:40 PM
Right, cause the other Cedar Fair parks are in such dis-repair and haven't gotten anything new in decades...
Sunday, August 22, 2004 10:47 PM

Kick The Sky said:
Unless they are gravy boat flyers.

Wow, that took a while to come up again, Bob.

There were some great visuals that went along with the initial description of those. Perhaps when the PKI Flyers are moved to the old Flight Commander spot they'll add the gravy. ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:21 PM

Dorney is Getting Hydra
Knott's is Getting Silver Bullet
WOF is rumored to get something in place of Orient Express
Valleyfair just did Steel Vennom
Mall of America Timberland Twister.

Am I missing something crazycoasterfan?

Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:29 PM
good point trick track! But i still don't want CP to get a new ride, and yes you're missing something...six flags great adventure is getting a rocket coaster(don't know the name yet)
Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:39 PM
Ummmm... I want to laugh but...Ummm...I feel uncomfortable when I don't know if someone is kidding or not. Crazyfan, You ARE joking, right?

If not maybe you should lurk around a little while longer to get the feel of the place...LIKE A YEAR OR TWO!

I don't think that this "announcement" is grounds for getting excited or ,in Mr. Crazy's case, angry. We all already expect that CP is more than likely going to do something next year like they do almost every year, so who really cares?

Speculation creates the likelihood for disappointment.

*** Edited 8/23/2004 3:50:23 AM UTC by dexter***

Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:40 PM
Trick was pointing out what Cedar Fair parks have gotten in the last little bit, since you were complaining that they don'g get anything and Cedar Point gets everything.

I would think that all but maybe(and I say that loosely) Geagua Lake will at least get something new next year. Isn't MiA getting something as well?

Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:42 PM
I fail to see what Six Flags has to do with CP getting a ride over any other Cedar Fair park. I expect to see the rocket coaster at SFGADV with more downtime than Dragster. Sorry but I don't see how a Six Flags park is going to keep it maintained with all the problems that Dragster has had. Just my opinion. I am all for them getting a coaster at SFGADV it is just another one that we can all ride. *** Edited 8/23/2004 3:44:39 AM UTC by Trick Track***
Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:47 PM
ummm dexter my cousin has been on this for one year now but not me..and if you don't believe me when i say that gadv is getting a new ride for 2005..then you're wrong. Want to see for yourself??? go to xtremecoasters.com<<< right on the home page there's an update of hydra and the intamin rocket coaster both for 2005.
Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:48 PM
Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:50 PM
I agree Tekno, I agree (big loud sigh)
Sunday, August 22, 2004 11:52 PM

crazycoasterfan! said:
my cousin has been on this for one year now but not me..

And your point?

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