CP limits smoking!!

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SWEET!! From the web page:

We’re also introducing a new Smoking Policy. This summer, guests will be permitted to smoke in designated areas only.

The new areas are located near the Raptor restrooms, near the Panda Express restaurant, next to the Frontiertown train station, near the entrance to Paddlewheel Excursions and behind Giant Wheel near Wicked Twister.

Of course, just like with line jumpers, Some people will feel they are immune from this new rule, but way to go CP!!

Two snaps up in a circle!

Edited for 2Hostyl. (I knew that didn't sound quite right!) ;)

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This is great news.

Now I can breathe fresh air and not have to dodge smoke clouds all day.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Didn't we know this already? I thought we did. Maybe we just heard a rumor...

The park hasn't allowed smoking for years in queue lines. Fat lot of good that's done. Queues are relatively small areas, that have staff periodically watching them. What are the chances that this new policy will be enforced across acres of open concrete?

Personally, I view this as a non-event.

Not only did ppl smoke in queues, but it's *what* they smoked in queues that interested me...

BTW:I fairly sure it's 'two snaps up in a circle' OR a 'Zorro snap in standard Z formation'. Kinda hard to make a Z with only two snaps...
lata, jeremy
--who watched way too much In Living Color

LoL to firing up the ol crack pipe in the 2 hour queue. Guess when there's nothing else to do? :)

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

Good luck is all I can say. The three big parks in Ohio have had the worst smoking of any parks I've been to period. I remember getting to King's Island last year for Beastbuzz and not only being annoyed by how hot it was, but by the constant smoke I had to walk through on the midways.

It was so nice being at the other parks--SFGAM, SFSTL, BB, IB, and not having to deal with that.

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Brian Noble said:
The park hasn't allowed smoking for years in queue lines.
You're not thinking of Cedar Point, you're thinking of... every park ever.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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It would be extremely difficult to stop the smokers that are scatterd all around the park. What are the employee's going to do, run up to every person during the day and say your not in a smoking area please put your smoke out. I'm all for it if thats the plan. I for one don't want to be ducking or hidding my face everytime there is a smoke cloud either especially when the quality of the summer air is so poor anyways.

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Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
Are you all still hung to your mommas hip?

Im a smoker and all for smoking sections. Some parks do it much better than others (Like not having them in the middle of a walkway and enough of them. Thats all I'll say about that.

Dodge and duck smoke clouds? Yet Im sure you never thing twice about starting your car to go five houses up the street.

There aren't enough employees and time to BE THE SMOKE POLICE just like their isn't enough cops to enforce some stupid frakin laws people have decided to pass..

Personally I find it much more anoying dealing with the GUM STUCK to my pants than a momentary thing that has very little if any effect on anyone except allergys.

Im in favor of smoking areas and enforcement but banning everything is not the answer. This is the USA You can't isn't in our vocabulary.

Some people must be living a under a bridge. Twenty years ago if you didn't get a wiff of a joint or in some cases get passed one in the line for THE BEAST. It just wasn't normal.

Im not a advocate of doing detrimental things. But it seems like all anyone has to do anymore is worry about everything but themselves.

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If only they'd stop the DJs from cranking out so much George Clinton, the queues wouldn't be SO full of people passing joints back and forth.

I've smelled a few people "firing up" in parks, but the one that really stands out was the *employee* at LeSourdsville - in the open, on the midway...good times! ;)

P.S. jeremy..."too much" In Living Color...is that even possible?

I'm not a smoker so I'm all for limiting smoking at parks, but at the same time I think smoking sections should be plentiful and well-maintained so that smoking guests don't feel like second-class citizens. I don't enjoy walking through smoke clouds but I'm not pushing for those people to be banned from society, either.
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^Have you ever seen the film by Al Gore titled inconvenient truth?

I agree with your vehicle remark, they are destroying this earth as we know it.

I'm twenty three years old Charles and I have never owned a vehicle in my entire life. I am a huge fitness freak. If I go anywhere I ride my bike, run, jog, rollerblade or walk. I car pool when I go to work everyday. In Canada Charles, you cannot smoke in any food service buisness, public building, casino, movie theatre, ice rink, grocery store etc. You cannot smoke anywhere and the country is better off. My cousin brought me to a the casino in Buffalo accross the boarder from Niagra Falls. When you walk in that casino it's like stepping into a smoke stack and inhaling it for hours. "Great, isn't this fun." I started to weez when we left the building that night, thats what it did to my breathing.

They are charging eleven dollars for a twenty five pack of cigerettes her because they are killing so many people. We have warnings all over our packs. Canada loses like twenty thousand people a year just to lung cancer from smoking, not to mention strokes, second hand, heart disease, asthma etc. The list goes on. I understand for someone who has smoked for fifteen to thirty years of there life to be upset about everyone coming down on them about smoking, but the more we press on about the subject the better it is for everyone. Including you.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
My earlier statments should be taken like this. Where was the cop when your sister was getting her purse stollen. Writing someone a smoking ticket or a seatbelt ticket.

Education, not laws for non serious issues.


I'm not supportive of smoking in casinos- they are miserable places to be because of cigarette smoke- but I don't agree with the government making cigarette companies charge an arm and a leg for a pack of smokes. Regardless of what it does to one's body, if they want to smoke and assume the risks, that's their decision. This goes back to what I once said about people deserving the right to choose whether or not the wear a seatbelt. If they want to drive without one and assume the safety risks tied to going without a seatbelt, that is entirely up to them and no one else.

It comes down to there being too many laws designed to protect people from themselves when other laws having more significant impacts on society should be written, approved and enforced.

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But Rob, I for one always had a guiding mother and father to tell me that smoking was foolish and harmful to my body. I agree, if someone wants to drive without a seat belt knowing the consequences then thats there choice. I agree with your theory, however, its important to look at it like this. There are still families in the southern states that teach there kids about the KKK throughout there whole childhood and they become very bad people. What about the youth out there that has a mother and father who could give too craps about them and teach there kids nothing is wrong with smoking or doing drugs. At least when the kid goes and buys a pack of smokes he can see brain or a lung thats heavily damaged on the pack and see what it looks like. It's not much, but it could save a life or two. From that store alone.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
I'm not against good parenting- I think all kids should have wholesome role models that attempt to point them in the right direction. But when someone grows up, they're going to become their own person, usually independent of what they learned as a kid (it was likely two decent people that gave birth to and raised Adolph Hitler, and, to a lesser degree, Dick Cheney.)

Some people are going to drink, some people are going to like porn, some people are going to like drugs and some people are going to smoke. Provided none of those things negatively impacts someone else, I don't see why people make such a big deal about it. There are people that actually want to make it illegal to smoke in your own house if you have visitors of any kind. That's insane.

^^^ You know what's worse than smoking in casinos, its that perfume they use at some places. The Venetian is the worst. I can't stand to go into that place.

CoasterDiscern said:

There are still families in the southern states that teach there kids about the KKK throughout there whole childhood and they become very bad people.

Hey it's not just the South. Ignorance and bigotry exists everywhere you go, so pease don't single out just *this* part of the US for being the only place that type of behavior occurs.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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Laws should be in effect to prevent you from bringing harm to OTHERS. Morals are for teaching you not to harm yourself, and should NEVER be legislated...IMO.

I get more and more concerned when our "liberties" are infringed upon by majority rule. If the MAJORITY (or in this administration, the executive branch) was how individual civil rights and freedoms were decided, then we very well could find that it might become illegal to do LOTS of things we once took for granted....just because they're *unpopular*.

I'm NOT necessarily saying that smoking fits this description *in all contexts*....but it certainly has that potential....see: outlawing transfats.

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