CP Coaster motion simulator at Midway Mall in Elyria,OH

They got some of those at the malls around or near Dayton. Its the more kiddy version with gemini and blue streak.
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I have been on one that is slightly different and has different rides altogether. It is one of those yellow capsule simulators you may have seen in many arcades. The one that had the coasters in it was at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant and featured the coasters Raven at Holiday World, Knobles Twister, and Comet at Great Escape (the Comet ride is simulated to go through the ride forwards to the end and backwards to the beginning of the ride. the real ride only goes forwards at its present location.). Because Chuck E Cheese had a policy where all games/rides only cost 1 token, the cost to ride this simulator cost no more than 25 cents. BTW that wasn't the only coaster sim at Chuck E Cheese, they also had the Kiddie Blue Streak/Gemini sim.

Has anyone else seen this coaster sim I was talking about?

Chris Knight

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We got one of those, as well as the kiddy version here in Charleston. It's not worth $2 a ride. I want the real thing!

If M:TR was a choice I would change my mind. ;)


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^ M:TR doesn't accept YOUR currency, and the "exchange rate", well, you don't wanna know... ;)
^^ I don't think you'd ever see one of THOSE at our local mall.

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