CP Coaster motion simulator at Midway Mall in Elyria,OH

Not sure if anyone has seen one of these or not but I found one at a local mall about 40 mins. East of CP. It wasn't very good but didn't expect much for $2 a ride. The motion sim gave the choice of 6 different CP coasters (Iron Dragon, Magnum, Gemini, Mantis, Mean Streak and Blue Streak) attached are some crappy phone pics of the simulator and screen shots of the ride on Maggie.







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I saw a ride similar to this at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI.

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There is one in a Peter Piper Pizza by my house.

It only cost 3 tokens though. Which is $0.75.

That's the standard coaster sim that we've seen all over the place. it's nothing special.
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I have a kiddy version that's really crappy in my local mall. It only as Blue Streak and Gemini as choices though......
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Those are everywhere. It's more bizarre to go to a large mall or F.E.C. and not see one.

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I have one of those in my bedroom...except its not a motion simulator and not about Cedar Point. ;)
If it has anything to do with Elyria, Ohio, Moosh, I'm going to be /really/ weirded out as that's where I went to high school...
There's a Blue Streak/Gemini simulator in Santa Cruz, CA. I guess they have them all over the place.
We have the same Blue Streak/Gemini motion simulator here in central Illinois. I though it was odd considering I'm over 500 miles away from CP, but if they have them in CA, it's not as big of a shock. I wonder how many have been made.
Cascade Park. Where I rode my first spiral sliding board as a child.
Cascade Park sledding hill with a 10-speed bike.....great thrill ride!!!
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Mamoosh said:
I have one of those in my bedroom...except its not a motion simulator and not about Cedar Point.

So are you OK with us joking about M:TR again? There for awhile you got all stuffy pants about it, but now you go and do this. Don't be a (coasta)playa! ;)

There used to be a few of them in my area but now all they have is the kiddie version with Gemini and Blue Streak.

A bowling alley in my area used to have a different simulator with Twister from Knoebel's and Raven and Legend. It was part of a multi game thing that also had some shooting games to choose from in addition to the coasters.


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Got one here in Pottsville PA also!

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I've seen that there. It's usually broke when we went to Midway mall. I like Elyria. My daughter lived there for a bit.

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Where exactly is this mall?

Think I may have been there... ;)

You don't know surprise until you get into one of those things expecting Blue Streak, and instead you get M:TR.

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It's on St Rt 57 at I-80 and I-90.

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