Cosmotron at Knoebels

I will be at PPP and I must partake in this bumper car carnage. We can call it BCC and send invites out to people without them not knowing who else got one.

Get it? BCC? Nevermind.

Real photogenic, isn't it? Rode it a few weeks ago with my niece and nephew. There were about 4 teenage girls who started to SCREEEEEEEAM as soon as the ride started and didn't let up the whole way through. These banshees actually drowned out the music. Not a very enjoyable ride at all. As they say around these parts, they need smacked.
I have a video from on the ride from PPP last year if you are interested. It doesn't show much of the ride but it is indeed a video on the Cosmotron.
Sorry for the late answer. Can you upload the video on youtoube? Many thanks :) *** Edited 5/2/2007 10:03:58 PM UTC by Berg-und-Talbahn***

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Delgrosso's has a similar ride called Space Odyssey. It still uses a caterpillar (which I think was from Lakemont). I agree, the caterpillar rides seem to be more fun than himalyas.

coasterpunk said:

I just did a search on google and found only one pic of the inside on like the 6th result page.

That's the pic I was going to link to, and wow, I think that's ME in that picture, LOL, not the kid in the yellow but next to him... interesting LOL, and seems like an older picture.

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