Cosmotron at Knoebels

I have read in this forum often about the dark himalaya ride "Cosmotron". I have searched the web and i have found no photos inside of the ride, only from the building, where the ride is in.

Have anyone got some photos of this ride?

Which manufacturer has built this ride and when?

Many thanks.

(sorry, for my bad english, I'm from Germany)

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I'm on my way to Knoebels in a few minutes but unfortunately a few weeks ago my digital camera got destroyed on their bumper cars so i'm going to be cameraless for a while.

It is basicly your typical himalaya but inside a building. I personally thought it was a better ride when it was an old Catapillar.

Yes, it was better when it was the cat. The ride is now a Wisdom Himalayan, custom built for Knoebels. I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures.

Rarely updated, but that is OK; [url=""][/url]
I've been on it a lot, it's not that great.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

Well, the whole inside is black with a white ceiling. Not very photogenic. During the ride, they flash various light effects, strobes, etc while they blast music. It would be pretty hard to capture any of that in a picture. They have an "observation" area for people who want to watch the light show but not actually ride the ride, although that doesn't sound like very much fun.
The original version was much cooler, however it was changed when I was ten. From what I remember, the original had puffs of air in spots and big posters on the walls with black lights lighting them.

The new version has strobe lights, a disco ball, and some of the spotlights like MF and Riddler do. (You know, the black tubes with a mirror on the bottom and the mirror rotates around.)

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" digital camera got destroyed on their bumper cars"

I've seen the way you and Chris drive those bumpercars. Why am I not surprised by this incident? ;)

I think my back or knees will be the next to be destroyed by the bumper cars!
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...or someone else's ;)
Ask Chris about his third knee cap! :)
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LOL...knowing Chris that's another good story he can tell.
It was bad. I didn't walk right for a least a week. That happened six weeks ago and I still have a weird bump on my leg.
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Ouch! Although...I've seen the way YOU drive those bumpercars, too. Heck, I've been the victim of one of your sideswipes! had it comin ;)

mOOSH - revenge will be sweet @ PPP!

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D'oh! Well that threat backfired ;)
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Dan, Chris...all I have to say is this:


Have somebody got any photos of the ride, now?

Many thanks :) the old design from wisdom is better than the new ones.

forum about amusement rides, rollercoaster, musik express, himalaya, matterhorn, bayerncurve:

I hope that now someone has photos of this one...

forum about amusement rides, rollercoaster, musik express, himalaya, matterhorn, bayerncurve:

I don't even know when the last time I rode it was. It's basicly a custom Himilaya. I think it may actually use the same track as the old Caterpillar that was in there before the revamp.

I actually liked the old one more and it only went forward. The new one goes both directions. The main problem for me (besides crappy music) with the ride is that it's slow changing direction. Basicly by the time it hits full speed it is slowing down to switch.

This was taken from Knoebels website: "See a terrific light show from a wonderful ride in complete darkness! The building was added in 1978 with an Allen-Hershell Caterpillar Ride (from West View Park in Pittsburgh, PA). Refurbished in 1998 with a custom Wisdom Himalayan"

I just did a search on google and found only one pic of the inside on like the 6th result page.

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