Contestants ride roller coaster for 34 days to win car

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Three twenty-somethings are the last survivors in a Spokane radio station's publicity gimmick. The deal? Live aboard Tremors, one of the premier roller coasters at Silverwood, for 34 days and win a car. Contestants get a 30-minute break every three hours and even sleep aboard the coaster at night. Food is delivered by a sponsoring fast food restaurant.

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I'd do it even if it wasn't for a car.

"Nothin wrong with a little airtime"

So would I, I wonder how people find out about stuff like this?
I would love to do something like that. It would be awesome.

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Enthusiasts should rent out Stricker's Grove for this. Or perhaps Americana could use the publicity. Things like this are fun for contestants, cheap for parks (just closeoff a few seats for the contestants) and amaze everyone else.

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Screamin' Eagle would make you weak in the knees after 34 days. Tremors is a lot more smoother, but then again those other guy did this on Great American Scream Machine and experienced that deadly airtime for weeks. I'd do this on say, something a little tamer like.........hey good discussion, what woodie would you do this on? Something you could sustain for a long time? I'd say Cornball Express or Excalibur for a good woodie.

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I'd like to see people marathon on Mean Streak for 34 days. :)
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I'll be happy to marathon. In fact I done The WOF Orient Express 45 times in a row. Mean Streak would be too easy for me.

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They had a similar contest on the Dipper here in San Diego a few years ago. In the two summers that our local station ran the contest, they were never able to knock it down to one winner so they ended up giving all the remaining riders cars.

It seems the closer they get to the end, the less likely people are to drop off. Good luck to the contestants though, I know I couldn't do it.


I'll marathon anything.....just the pleasure of riding is great enough for me.

MeanStreak, Flashback, heck, I'll take Windjammer if it was still open.....

I'm starting to rethink my post......still I'll ride just about anything.
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Okay, so here's my question: is the coaster actually running day and night, or do they just sleep in the train parked in the station?

You would think that it'd have to be running, but then how would they do maintenance on the ride structure, the trains, etc? If it isn't running, then they didn't really "ride" the coaster for 34 days.

Either way, though, I like coasters, but I like having a life, too. Count me out.

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Here's an Idea:

Marathon: on MF at Cedar Point for a week and the sole survivor: 1 million dollars:)

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How about a marathon on something unbearably rough like Shockwave at SFGAm. Fill the train and last to leave wins a million bucks.

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sounds fun! id love to do that on SFNE's SROS :)

Albany Entertainment:

The coasters do run at night during this kind of marathon. At least that's what I've been reading about it. What they do is at night have the marathoners build up break times. That way in the morning they built up between an hour to and hour and a half (depends) and then that allows time for maintence workers to check the track and so forth. Also of interest, the record for most laps on a looping coaster is 328 hours on the Super Werbil at Holiday Park. I believe this record still stands for a looping coaster.
IF you've seen "Euro Coaster Kings" on The Travel Channel, they show a guy marathon on Big Dipper at Blackpool. He "builds up" his breaks to allow safety inspections in the morning. And yes, he does ride all night.

My two favorite coasters are named Superman.

If you want to do some marathoning, check out the Blue Streak Challenge:

Great idea, marathon on Millennium Force. Where do I sign up?


a marathon on MF would be absolutely crazy. you wouldn't be able to sleep until you literally passed out from exhaustion! all those G's would keep you awake. also, the bugs... over and over again... i guess you'd have to wear a shirt you're prepared to throw out...

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