Construction underway at Knott's Berry Farm

A couple of days ago, Knott's Berry Farm tore down everything in the Wild Water Wilderness themed area starting from the Bigfoot Broiler all the way to the Western Park entrance. The Wilderness Scrambler ride was dismantled as it was located in this section of the park.

For a park as small as Knott's, this is a sizeable parcel of land that's being razed over.

Should be interesting to see what they have up their sleeves.

What's left from Geauga Lake?

No really, I have no idea.

Why would they move Villain to Knott's when they already have the very similar (but much better) GhostRider?
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If this demolition/removal has in-fact been going on for a couple years, they have other plans for Knotts besides a ride from GL.

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The prevailing rumor on other coaster sites is a family-launched coaster similar to the Vekoma Booster Bike and Intamin's Cycle-themed family launcher that opened at Dreamworld, but themed to the Pony Express instead of motorcycles.
^ Another rumor I've been reading is suggesting a "Maverick West."
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I've heard that as well.

Jason Hammond said:
If this demolition/removal has in-fact been going on for a couple years, they have other plans for Knotts besides a ride from GL.

Man, if a ride from GL showed up there, the whole "conspiracy theory" would have a little more weight to it, that's for sure.

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These rumors scare me sometimes. I think cedar Fair is haunting me.
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Give Knott's good old Head Spin from GL!
they already have boomerang ;)

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I'm leaning more toward the booster bike idea than a Maverick West.

That was the first 'rumor' that came my way - but maybe it's just cause that's what I'd love to see them do.

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A new Soapbox Derby Racer. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

If Maverick west is true, please let it have smooth transitions...
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Forget the smooth transitions. Just get rid of the stupid neck-jabbing "restraints".

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Maverick West? I really hope that they avoid that. A like the idea of a booster bike coaster much more.
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Any locals know how much this will affect a first time visit on Wednesday? I emailed the park asking what seasonal maintenance is in progress, but have not had a response back yet.

Intamin already proved you can loop with their T-bars, so build the first US Aquatrax!
I'm also hoping for some sort of lavish family coaster. Nothing like Jaguar please!

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