Conneaut receiving financing, but still faces custodianship

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Historic Conneaut Lake Park has lined up $600,000 of financing to open again next spring, but a judge still isn't convinced the 111-year-old park is ready to operate on its own.

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Well this is definitely both good news and bad news. The good news is that the park will likely open next year and hopefully wont need to scramble to find loans like they had to this past year. The bad news is that the judge does not think that the park is fiscally ready to be able to operate as it's own entity yet. Hopefully they can get the formula right this year. If they do this could be some really great news. Obviously if they are getting as much financing as they are someone thinks the park will succeed once again. I am personally hoping the weather this year is better so that the park can have a better year financially. Also they probably should get rid of the season passes for now in order to help the park back on it's feet. Either that or raise the cost of them. Just food for thought.
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Well, looks like Blue Streak could be relocated and the rest of the park can just be leveled.
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Why would you want to relocate that ride?
Because it's a classic Jeff. You really should try to put forth the effort to go check out the park this year instead of passing judgement based on what other people tell you. :-/

Happy Holidays everyone

Wood - anything else is an imitation

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Why level the park and relocate the Blue Streak, its fine how it is. I'm glad the park is opening for '04, looking forward to another great summer riding Blue Streak. Just because some people don't like the coaster doesn't mean its not a good one.*** This post was edited by Snap43 12/23/2003 6:18:54 PM ***
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Uh, did I knock the ride? Did I say there was something wrong with it?

A lot of things are classic. A lot of things should be saved. The reality of the planet we live in is that when people come up with clever ideas about relocating a ride, they never even consider the feasibility of such an undertaking, let alone the costs involved. If the park dies, so will the coaster. No one is going to save it because there isn't a single financial reason to do so. That sucks, I know, but people wanted to "save" Chippewa Lake for decades. All of the well-wishing in the world won't make it happen.

Jeff, you have told me before that you have never been to Conneaut. You stated that you couldn't even think of a compelling reason to go and ride a coaster that some people consider a death trap. I tried to explain to you then that you should check out the park for yourself. Now when you ask,"Why would you want to relocate that ride?" I can only think that you are still bashing it. You should go to Knoebels and ride the Pheonix, and Lakemont to ride the Skyliner. Those are all examples of classic coasters that were saved when their respective parks failed. Because you have never been to Conneaut, you are in no position to say anything. I suggest you go check out to the park this year and ride the Blue Streak....then we'll talk.

Wood - anything else is an imitation

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Ugh... whatever you want to think or mind read or whatever. At issue is not what I think about the ride, because as you say, I've not been on the ride. My point has nothing to do with the quality of the ride. I think we can all agree that any old wood coasters that have been relocated are freakish exceptions to the rule. Where a couple have been save, dozens, maybe hundreds have gone away. See above comments about Chippewa Lake.
Why wouldn't there be a "single financial reason" to relocate the ride? IF the park was closed and IF the Blue Streak was offered for sale, then why wouldn't it make sense for a park that wanted a good solid wooden coaster to consider relocation? It's been done before so why couldn't it be done again? Chippewa Lake isn't a good comparison. That coaster has been rotting away for 25 years. The Blue Streak is in running condition.

But enough about that. Conneaut isn't even dead and you people are already leveling it and selling of the rides! The only news I see here is 1) Conneaut will open next year and 2) Brill is still in the picture.

I think the point is that IF Conneaut did close, don't hold your breath waiting for a relocation of the Blue Streak. Yes, it'd be nice, but it'd be better if it didn't come to that anyway.

Everyone, go to Conneaut this year. Ride Blue Streak. Marvel at the insane cycle lengths on the Roundup (I once got an 8 minute ride on that thing :) ). Have a beer down by the lake. Check out the old hotel. Enjoy this gem while it's still there...

Well I am going there to enjoy it May 31 along with Kennywood. If anyone wants to come well come.
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Agreed Greg, And the more people that actually do go to check it and TRY to enjoy the park the more likely the park will open again in 2005 and beyond.

And Jeff, try checking out Greetings from Conneaut Lake Park video. You just might find yourself reason to check out the park. I would recommend that video to anyone who likes amusement parks and has never been there.

As for me I plan to get there to at least be able to say I was there before the park closed for good if that is the path that this park takes. I do agree that it is a lot more likely that the coaster wont survive if the park doesnt survive. I would love to see if preserved somewhere else if the park closed but that does not mean it will happen. Nor am I going to hold my breath if the park does close. I will just have to say goodbye to another classic park and another rollercoaster. I am personally ok with doing that, as much as I would rather not do that. But it really isnt about the parks or the coasters for me anymore anyway. It is about the people. The ones I meet and the ones I know as friends. It is about good old fashioned fun.*** This post was edited by beast7369 12/26/2003 9:32:39 AM ***
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The Conneaut Lake Institute, the non-profit organization that opoerates Conneaut Lake Park, is asking that concerned parties write to Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll testifying to the importance of the park to the community. The letter writing effort is being organized by John McMahon, CPA for CLP to help the park obtain economic developement funding from the state to assist in the park's revitalization. Send your letters to:

Catherine Baker Knoll, Lt. Governor, 200 Main Capital Building, Harrisbursg, PA 17120-0002

or Fax them to 717-783-0150*** This post was edited by Thrillerman 12/26/2003 7:48:29 PM ***

Sooner or later Conneaut Lake Park is going to close. Every year the attendance drops and they close or sell alot of their rides. They haven't added a "new" ride in almost a decade. So the Blue Streak is a classic, but there many other classic woodies that are alot better, like the Thunderbolt. The Blue Steak is a very painful ride, unlike many other classic woodies. Overall it's not worth keeping a park that can only open half the rides and not even make a profit.
Which rides were sold in the past couple years? What's the point of having a park open if you are going to sell all of the rides? They had some problems this year, and a few of the rides didn't open. The only ride they got rid of this year was the Sky Thriller, and that's because it was a rare occasion when that ride actually worked.

A decade since the last "new" ride was added? A ball pit, a kiddie carousel, and Toboggan were all added last year. Granted, Toboggan had some problems, but it was fixed by the end of the year. Have you been to Conneaut Lake within the past 2 years? Blue Streak got the old trains back.. the trains that were intended to run on the tracks. It is no longer the spine cracking ride it was before.*** This post was edited by Jess 12/27/2003 10:13:24 AM ***

Twister is gone, and the Tobboggan operated at a park in Texas and the kiddie carousel operated in the past at Conneaut Lake Park. Oh, I was at the park in 2001 and 2003, and they operated their original Nad Century Flyers. These are photos from their website.


Not sure of your point. Are you saying that Toboggan and Kiddie Carousel should not be counted as "new rides" because they are "pre-owned" rides?

If that is the case, then I suppose you believe Knoebels is on the verge of closing as well since many of their rides (including the incredible Phoenix) are "pre-owned" as well.

I have never in my life been to an amusemant park that I wanted to leave in under two hours before I went to Conneaut this past season. Except for the Blue Streak - which would make a fantastic purchase for a profitable park - the trip itself was L-A-M-E.

This park needs more than funding . . . it needs a reason to live. I drove almost four hours to ride the Blue Streak and then just about turn around and leave. My whole family felt the same . . . no loss.

And what a shame to feel that way. I looked so forward to the trip and heard about how much progress had been made. But all the local hype only contributed to my dissapointment upon arrival. The park is like a local sports team that cant win any games but the locals still think that their the champs (can anyone say Pittsburgh Steelers?)

On the up side I did see a lot of wide open spaces with the potential to be filled by something exciting. But we all know what potential really means . . . you havent done a darn thing for me yet!

If you are trusting the government to produce something exciting, then I challenge you to be excited by social security regualtions and then tell me how the government will turn this place around.

The place does have history . . . but too bad I cant teleport back to before the downward spiral started. Because I remember all too well how exciting the park was when I was a kid . . .

Oh well, do save the Blue Streak, but as for the rest, it faces a up hill battle. While I am not as well ridden as many of you coaster enthusiasts are, I did really like the blue streak along with my family and would ride fours again just for that experience!

Conneaut Lake Park is one of the finist Traditonal Parks is the Country. I have been there Many times. Im am so glad to here that the park is getting some financial help. I go every year and Enjoy the park very much. Any funding is better than no funding at all.This park is truly a national treasure. Ever walked down the Boardwalk along the lake? you got to . Its the best Old fashion flavor that you will EVER get.

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