Conneaut Lake Park will not open this year

Posted | Contributed by Richard Bannister

The announcement, certain to come as bad news to many local observers, was made this morning following a meeting at the park office. All employees have been laid-off.

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This really does suck.
It's hardly surprising, though. It's been on the cards for a long time.

I'm just glad I got there once, even if it was only for about an hour late in the evening. The Blue Streak was a really nice coaster.

I should have bought a token.
It was bound to happen eventually.

GL needs to buy the bug...

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The Bug is not leaving the grounds.
in about a month when gas stations and local shops start complaining. The County will grant them a loan for next season.

Shame but true.

This sucks. Another original park gone by the effects of capitalism.
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Gotta admit, as someone who understands capitalism, it's been pretty crass lately with the gas prices and all.

Chuck, well said.

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Capitalism isn't bad, and it had nothing to do with the park's demise.
OK, this is going to sound like a stretch...but....

Look at non profit orginizations such as (just digging for an example I am somewhat familiar with) the PA Trolley Museum in Washington, PA.

What started as a ramshackle corrigated metal building housing a handful of old trolleys has grown into a large, mostly operable collection of streetcars, with a brand new car barn and I think about 2 miles of private right of way for them to actually run on.

This all was done by volunteers. Point here is, what would it take for a non profit group (a bunch of enthusiasts, natch) to aquire something like Conneaut and run a "Amusement ride musuem". Yep. The blue streak, along with a nice small bunch of old flats, restored to possibly a 50s era theme. An amusement park insurance rate would probably be higher than that of an operating trolley museum, but it's a thought.

The location of Conneaut probably has a disadvantage as to who is going to spend the travel time to maintain it and work it. Its not really all that close to anything.

Just a thought here. I am not sure what it would take to even begin a process like that.

^ That would be a nice idea, but you need community support to take on such a task. Everyone said that they want CLP to be open, but the crowds have not been going to the park on a consistant basis.

It is a rather sad story.

Capitalism works better than any other system in the world.OUR POOR ARE BETTER OFF THAN MOST COUNTRIES MIDDLE CLASS.That being said, There are anti monopoly laws that aren't being enforced and it's affecting everything and corrupting our government through lobbiest.IMHO A CORPORATION SHOULD HAVE 0% say in a govt of the people, by the people and for the people.Chuck, who says Capatalism is survival of the fittest. However the fittest anymore just buy out or bury anyone with a good idea or product.
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Anyhow, Conneaut is stuck in a possition that it could get out of. They just won't let it.


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Our pour?
Sigh. I loved that park.
Can't believe I did that Jeff. Fixed


Dang, I was planning on getting there this season. I guess it isn't meant to be. :(
Yes, it's sad to see a traditional park go, but something had to give. The situation was only getting worse year by year. I'm still surprised that they received loans in the last few years. I mean, really, who would want to invest their money into a failing situation. Also, who in the right mind would just give $100,000 to a failing cause and expect nothing in return. I expected that they couldn't get a gift from anyone. Unfortunately, the tourists looking for a park similar are going to venture to Waldameer, most likely. Waldameer is a more up to date and improving park, so if Conneaut Lake does reopen, they will struggle to pull back the gimmick tourists who want only the most up to date attractions. This is just how I see it.

My fondest memory of CLP would have to be my ride on Musik Express. The wonderful family park blasting the Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch." So nice to hear one of my favorite songs blasted through a park.*** This post was edited by AJFelice 5/24/2007 7:11:27 PM ***

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