Conneaut Lake Park will not open this year

Posted | Contributed by Richard Bannister

The announcement, certain to come as bad news to many local observers, was made this morning following a meeting at the park office. All employees have been laid-off.

Read more from The Meadville Tribune.

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I mean I guess I can`t act surprised, but why?:( this is the only vacation I have with my whole family. My mother has been going there since she was a kid and I loved that park. Well, I guess even though it was kinda old fashioned it was going to go but I am going to miss it. I can`t believe it`s gone.:(
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It's not gone yet. It's just not opening in 2007.
There is no big girl singing anytime soon. Stay tuned....
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^Know somethin' you can't tell yet, huh?

Cause from where I was sitting, it sure looked like she was getting ready to warm up...

Not that this is major news to us, but Conneaut was on Cleveland TV today.
Define irony.

We went past GL today on the way to Home Depot, which is at most, 1/4 mile from GL. The park had maybe 100 cars in both parking lots. I was looking for patio furniture and talked to an employee. I said, wow, you guys have more cars in your lot than GL. Worker comment: they're still open??? And CLP had a booked run for this weekend.


RIP, to another park of my childhood. What's next? GL???

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