Columbus Zoo Expansion: Preliminary Ride List

I tried searching for the old topics on this but could not dig them up - so here goes...

We're doing a story today (after weeks of pushing) on the Zoo's expansion. As part of the story, we got the booklet of gourndplans and whatnot. What is of interest, however, is the preliminary list of rides and attractions for the park. I have confirmed that some things have been changed, but here is what was planned:

*Dry Park*

Family Rides:
Sea Dragon Wooden Coaster
Havoc Harbor Dodgem
Log Flume
Antique Cars
Disko Coaster 24
Swinging Gondola
Flying Scooters
Roto Techno

Kiddie Rides:
Frog Hopper
Balloon Race
Mini Tea Cup
Mini Swing
Rio Grand Train
Camel Mini Jet

*Water Park*

Water Rides:
Shark Attack (refurbished)
Mach 7 Slide Complex
Family Raft Ride
Mat Racer
Canoochi Creek
Action River
Wave Pool
Christopher's Island
Kiddie Splash Pool

Outdoor Theater
Kiddie Stage
Event Stage (x2)
Events Pavillion

There's also a list of the retail/games/food locations but thats a 9 page PDF that I havn't milled through.

We will have stories today with a construction tour, the soonest being on ABC6 between 12:30 and 1:00.

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Is the "disko coaster" the spinning coaster?
Wasn't a spinning coaster supposed to be part of the mix?
Yes, and looking at the renderings there is one present. However, it is not in the rides list. Let me dig...
*edit: The "Roto Techno" is the only attraction listed but not on the map. Is this the spinning coaster? The layout on the elevation looks alot like the Sierra Sidewinder. *** Edited 4/5/2007 3:45:24 PM UTC by PREMiERdrum***

That's pretty exciting, though I really hope that disko coaster wasn't what they meant by "spinning coaster". I also read about a large ferris wheel. I wonder if that was from an older list of proposed rides.

Wyandot Lake was sorely in need of expansion/renovation. While the total number of adult dry rides isn't increasing by much, this list does show a much better selection than what was there previously.

Now all they need is a full size wooden coaster!

Flying scooters are popping up everywhere these days. They were a rare treat not that long ago.

edit: what is a roto techno? *** Edited 4/5/2007 3:44:51 PM UTC by millrace***

Good flying scooters are still a rare treat!

I assume the Disko Coaster is a Zamperla ride and that the actual spinning coaster will be different. Maybe that is the Roto Techno.

Roto-Techno is listed as a Sartori ride with a 2 minute ride cycle and 576 hourly capacity?

There's this thing, but the hourly capacity doesn't match.
That's the one... theoretical capacity is 720, but the Zoo says actual is 526.

Until we see actual construction of new buildings, I wouldn't count on anything on the ride list (except the Sea Dragon). One of the blueprints I saw @ an employee conference included a Jungle Jack Dark Ride, which I don't find to be very realistic much like the spinning coaster.
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Looks like the Techno-Jump, only with seats that spin (hence, "Roto")... ;)

I'll still miss the old RDC amphibious bumper car/boats... :(

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Did somebody say........FLYERS??? :P

That park REALLY deserves another visit. I always loved the Zoo anyway.


Just so you know... construction tour, concept art and an interview with Manny Gonzalez tonight on ABC6 in the 5:30 half hour.

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Man, flyers are popping up everywhere but close to me. :(

Almost all of the flyers I have encountered are good flyers, Rob. It's just whether or not the park will let you snap them.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

By the way, the aforementioned Jack Hanna dark ride appears only on the August 6th plans, the earliest date we got. This is also the only one that mentions a spinning coaster. On the more recent plans, the spinner's real estate is listed as "future expansion."

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Compounce's, Cypress's, HW's....just saying there ARE better and worse flyers, Matt.

/me needs to return to Carowinds... ;)

Acoustic Viscosity said:

Almost all of the flyers I have encountered are good flyers, Rob. It's just whether or not the park will let you snap them.

True, but for me, being able to snap them separates the good ones from the bad ones. I wouldn't like bumper cars that I can't bump, just as I don't like scooters that I can't snap!

Solely based on the Columbus Zoo's trend to push back opening dates and delay/ remodify projects into phases, I have a feeling we're going to see the new park open in a similar fashion. Certain rides will eventually call the place home, but not all at once. Obviously when opening a park, there needs to be room and plans for future developments. However I see this new park's opening phases to be a little incomplete. I'm not saying that to be negative, we just have to remember that while the amusement section is under total redevelopment, the zoo's entrance is already underconstruction for relocation as well as the Polar Bear expansion which is due sometime in 2008 as well.
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Bill, the flyers at Cypress don't count. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I am gladdened to see they'll have a log flume. Don't see too many of those going in anymore.

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