Cobra Rolls on Inverted Coasters

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You're so GP. You don't know any better.

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That's the best compliment I've ever received on this site. :)

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I have only been on a couple B&M inverts. Those being Raptor and Batman The Ride. I actually enjoy the 1-2 punch of Batman over the Raptor. The Loops and zero-g on Batman just seem to have more intensity than Raptor. And, since there is no mid course to slow the train down, the corkscrews just seem that much faster, and tighter.

It also seems to depend on where you are on the train. The front seat of both coasters offers the best ride. But, Batman is nowhere near as rough in the back as Raptor. I avoid riding in the back on Raptor due to a lot of head banging in the cobra-roll. I also hate the trip into the brakes on Raptor, very painful. I have also been on Raptor were the mid course seems to slow the train too much, making the corkscrew inversions seem bumpy. But the helix at the end of the ride is always pretty intense.

I have been on both coasters at night, and Batman is the better night ride.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

The only time I enjoy a cobra roll is if I'm in the front seat. It just seems less painful in the front rather than the middle/back.

I just plain don't like Alpengeist. I've ridden other inverted coasters and don't have a problem, but maybe it's because I also rode Big Bad Wolf and miss it. I like the free-swinging aspect of the ride and wish some of the newer inverted coasters did the same, but that's just me.

Can't wait to ride the next greatest roller coaster because I've already ridden the current greatest

I find the inverts to be smoother in the back. For some reason when i sit in the front on Raptor i get banged around quite a bit, especially hitting the final brakes.

You realize, though, that free swinging would make lateral roll inversions very difficult to achieve; as such, given that inverts are those with inversions, asking for an inverted coaster with free swinging cars isn't so reasonable in a discussion focussed on inverting inverts that nearly always make use of lateral rolls. :)

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