Cobra Rolls on Inverted Coasters

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Like maybe it was the stupid joke in which you duck down as you pass the height stick and ask if you are tall enough. Like no one has ever made that joke before. lol

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Any park without TTD or Formula Rossa can't be any fun. Oops, did I just create another meme?

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Speaking of, Dragster could use a cobra roll. Or Formula Rossa.

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If Dragster and Formula Rossa needed an inverted Cobra Roll it would have had one mid-timbers and would accomodate the GP because they don't realize what a good park is.

Or Farenheit.


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The joke was that I showed him a screw that I managed to get my hands on. I told him that that it popped out of my lap bar on the Texas Giant (INSANE ejector). I really didn't think he was stupid enough to believe me. Apparently he thought I wasn't kidding and called in the other ride ops to check on me. I started cracking up (I really couldn't help it) and told them it was a joke. Well now that I think about it, I guess I wouldn't have laughed if I was the ride op either...

What are some of your other jokes? Hmmm...Having a fake heart attack around doctors in a hospital? Joke drowning near life guards in a pool? A pretend seizure from strobe lighting in front of haunted house employees?

You reported a serious issue. I applaud the employees for taking it seriously and coming to check on you and the restraint. You kind of deserved the dirty looks when it turned out to be a joke. :-)

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I guess the joke probably was a little on the serious side....depending on your definition of "little."

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Blasterboy, you are on your way to becoming the new CoasterBuzz idiot. Congratulations. We needed a new one around here. The old CoasterBuzz idiots are getting smarter.

How's that for blunt?

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Pretty good...

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I am impressed that the ride operators did the right thing. Safety should be their number one priority.

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Okay guys, I get it. Safety is their priority. I understand the joke wasn't on the humorous side. So you can stop rubbing it in. lol

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I guess those inverts threw off my coordination.

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Well played....+1 for you :-)

I'm surprised how nobody has mentioned the reason that Alpengeist's Cobra feels so weird, at least in my opinion. Correct if I'm wrong here, but Alp is the only inverted that makes constant use of the brake on the top of the lift hill, it grabs on every train to trim off a few mph. If you ride / watch any POV video you can clearly feel / hear the trim every single time. Alp also hauls 'very quickly' through the MCBR, almost so fast that I'd imagine a pretty painful e-stop if it was required. The whole ride seems about 5 - 10 mph too fast to be comfortable for an inverted w/ those size elements.

B&M is known for their perfected engineering but in my experience Alp is probably their most "uh oh, this is a bit broken" coaster if I had to guess how the company feels in hindsight about that creation. The last row on a warm day can easily grey out even a healthy rider like myself.

EDIT: It's the i305 of B&M. :)

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Yeah that's another good observation RollrCoastrCrazy that I also noticed when riding, but hadn't thought about as much as the cobra roll "issue".

I too noticed Alp's breaking in some areas, but not nearly as much (and not to open up another can of worms here) as Apollo's Chariot. I found myself almost annoyed by all the trim breaks on Apollo.

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I've thankfully never noticed a trim on Alpengeist. Then again I rarely notice them on most coasters. I could probably count the number of coasters that I know have trim brakes on one hand.

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Really? Almost all the B/M hypers have them....and they are VERY visible because in most cases they are placed near the crest of the camelbacks. Maybe you are just gifted with multiple (>5) digits :-)

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No, it's that I don't pay enough attention to care. Or care enough to pay attention, or whatever.

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