Coastin by the Ocean!

Did anyone attend this? I want to find out how it went.
I was there for parts of it. Friday night had a 25minute fireworks over the beach. The GNE looked awsome in the smoke with the lighting show on the structure.

The ERT Saturday on Moreys Pier had the GNE, Zoom Phoom, Dante's, with 4 live actors, and AtmosFEAR. The beach bbq was a nice low key event, with burgers, hot dogs, and Jack Morey who spke and thanked everyone for attending. Gary Slade and Jim Futrell also came to talk about the Morey's Boardwalk Empire.

So what's the deal about a new coaster?
Big, fast and furious. 2 trains. It will be sub-100ft, but pack some great elements. GCI or Premier. They had a great focus session down the boardwalk in the new Wildwoods convention center, with drinks and snacks, and Will and Jack Morey showed several artist renderings of the proposals.

It is sure a great thing to actually see real live owners in action. They heard opinions, walked the whole room, and had a relaxed public forum.

After the pm ERT on the Great White with lights out, and another morning session that included the Sea Serpent, it turned out to be a great $39 event.

I'm really upset that I missed it. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Premier? Does that mean they're not sure if this is going to be a wood coaster or a steel coaster? Or did Premier suddenly get into the wood coaster business? Are they talking a date, like 2009 or 2010?

Again, wish I could have been there. I'm sure it's nice to see the park ownership doing their thing.

The Premier idea for wood with proposed new technology was a very interesting part of the forum. Premier is proposing a computer twisted steel covered by wood idea. The Moreys seemed interested but wary about being the first ones to build with something so new. Great Coasters Inc has also submitted a proposal. Both companies have proposed a coaster spanning two piers and traveling over the beach.

I am very non technical but the meeting was in laymans terms and very interesting. It was first class all the way with refreshments and soft drinks provided. The info exchange was very open and covered the new coaster, Moreys operations, and Wildwood in general including the condo vs. park discussion. Great stuff.

I had to leave at 4:30 and it was still going, don't know how long it lasted. *** Edited 7/9/2007 9:41:18 PM UTC by depotrat***

Wow that sounds awesome either way, considering Moreys takes very good care of there woodie the great white, they should have no problems with maintaining a GCI or anything else they may get. Hopefully we will see a nice GCI in 2008 or 2009 instead of premier, but i will be happy with either. I have a feeling from what Agent Johnson says is that the premier coaster maybe a wood coaster along the lines of an Intamin plug and play or something totally new.

Also does anyone have any pictures of the renderings and if so could they PM me please.

If you dare speak of ride maintenence, here is the bottom line. Unlike most Six Flags for 'general discussion', the Vekomas are not the premier coaster, except say Lake Compounce, Elitch's Gardens, and Morey's. The attention is on the B&M's.

However, the Great NorEaster since 1995 has had 3 paint jobs, a new light package, a new loading station with led lighting, and 3 sets of harneses, each better. Also, Kumback Coasters added an EVAC platform, and the Moreys added a whole new service platform under the top of the lift to service their anchor steel thriller.

As for the Sea Serpent, the boomerang, has had many paint jobs, a new Vekoma Mark IV train, a new EVAC platform with steps to the ground, and 3 additional service platforms for the second lift hill, so the coaster can be services 24/7, without a crane.

I could go on and on, not even mentioning the Great White upgrades, the Doo Whopper upgrades, and even the new EVAC platforms and magnetic brakes on Rollies Coaster, the new cars on the Flitzer, and more and more.

It all boils down to TLC, and when the Vekomas are treated with love, they do the job. All the rides are treated with Love.

One more nice touch: the GNE and Great White ran 2 trains the whole time, even with empties leaving the station. Never a line for a seat during ERT.

I completely agree with that. Morey's does an excellent job with all their rides, including their Vekoma coasters that clearly run a lot better than similar examples at other parks. Those rides, even though they're production model coasters- are far from typical. As AJ said, they have been modified, modified some more and modified again to ensure they're as comfortable and reliable as can be.

Maybe I was seeing things, but I could have sworn that the Sea Serpent had some track work done around the time the new Mark IV train was added. It looked as though a lot of work was done near the track ties, leading me to believe that some of the steel was replaced. Maybe it was just being repainted, I dunno.

The Flitzer is an interesting case. When the ride was moved to a different location on the pier a couple years back, the ride looked brand-new. Having been built in the 1960s we know this was not the case, but Morey's saw fit to completely rehab the ride to the point where it was probably better than it was when it left the Zierer factory. It's still the best Flitzer I've ridden, and even though I'm not nuts about the new artwork on the scenery panels, at least the scenery panels are still in place.

Enlighten me.. what's the deal with the Premier concept? It doesn't sound like the new Intamins, so how is it different? No offense, but the explanation was pretty confusing. Until I hear what that's all about, I'll reserve judgement about which I'd rather see.

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GCI or risk another Premier "experiment"? Hmmm.... I want option C: The Gravity Group. :)

AV Matt
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The Sea Serpent had significant re-welding done to reinforce the track as the Mark IV trains are heavier than the Arrow counterparts. If you take a picture of Moreys, then take a picture of the Tidal Wave at Trimpers, they look virtually the same, but mechanics can find the track differences.

The Serpent has to be 100%, as during shoulder season, only Mariners Landing is open, and it has to run. It is clearly a much better ride today then when it opened in terms of reliability and safety.

The GNE had a visit from Vekoma this winter to do track work for the first time. The GNE track is bolted, so minor adjustments can be made. The ride is improved. I think Vekoma will back this up, but the GNE is probably the most abused of the SLC's worldwide, with the weather, and 2 train operation for 75 days straight.

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^I do love GNE, AJ....not that there's *another* SLC I would dare say that about, LOL. But the star steelie for me is still that FLITZER. Crazy thing makes me drool...

Glad everyone had a great time - wonderful to see a seaside park that is not just *surviving*, but is actually thriving. And in one of my home states, no less... ;)

I'd be interested in checking out the Premier....they seem to have figured out something about *ejector airtime* that GCI just has not yet gotten.

I'll be saying goodbye to Steel Pier in two weeks...luckily, I won't have to say goodbye to Morey's for at least two decades...or more. :)

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With all the attendees and all the Digital cameras
no one took any pics of the Drawings ?
I would have been the first person lined up with my 10mp camera.

I live nearby and LOVE Wildwood but Having it on the 4th of July is a bad time, Family events parties going on let alone trying to get Lodging at $200+ a night during the Holiday.
If they had this event in say mid or late July they may have had a 200-400+ turnout.
I myself would have brought 10 or more people.

But this Board so far is the only place I got info on the "new" coaster.
anymore details ?

I also want a Gravity Group coaster *** Edited 7/10/2007 3:48:42 PM UTC by PcMan***

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Same here, Tom. I can't believe there isn't anymore leaked information thus far. Perhaps it was all talk and no visuals yet? Surely there were some "renderings" of some sort for the panel discussion. *** Edited 7/10/2007 3:48:58 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
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I have all the pics. They are only renderings. Oh yea, you missed a 3-D model also. The hotel prices were a big factor, which led to the $39 weekend price, 3 piers, 2 waterparks, lunch, ERT, and 50% of extreme rides.
Yes the $39 was a awesome event price
it was just the Holiday Weekend that prevented me from going.
I could always just drove home then back the next day but 4th of July is reserved for the annual Big Family party get together.

I had many people that wanted to go but.


I got a few emails, and here is the reply. The Moreys massive coaster warehouse was quite overwhelming in sheer size and equipment. And spotless.

They had real mechanics available to take questions, and their Maintenence Director/Engineer also onsite doing as tour.

It was a very impressive operation.

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I for one would love to see the pics of the new proposals. I am guessing 2009 or 2010 myself for the new ride. I wish I hadnt missed out on this due to my brat girlfriend...I was there and paid for the event but because of her I didnt get to enjoy it. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER. I usually never say never but this is one time where I will say NEVER AGAIN.

Johnson how about posting some of those drawings and pics


I may be able to do that.

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