Coastin by the Ocean!

Looks like a winner!

You’re Invited.

Morey’s Piers hosts "Coastin’ By The Ocean"…..

An exclusive event for Amusement Ride Enthusiasts!


July 7-8, 2007

Your two-day weekend includes:

  • Exclusive ride times for six awesome rides!
  • Discounts on Extreme Rides!
  • Coaster Shop Tour!
  • Beachfront Barbecue Lunch!

And, of course we invite you to be a part of our Focus Group…

We’re studying the construction of a roller coaster that would span two Piers! Will and Jack Morey invite coaster enthusiast to help! Tell us what you think, and have a great weekend with lots of exclusive events for you!

For more information and to register for this event go to:

Apparently, any valid enthusiast club card carrying member can do this for $39. Wow!

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If it wern't for Timbersfest, I'd be there. I've been trying to get to TF for 3 years, and this is the first year I can go.

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It looks like a great event and an awesome deal at $39 considering a wristband for 1 day is slightly over $40. Great White ERT at 12:30 - 1:30 a.m. is cool as well. I wish they would have done it in the middle of the week though rather than the weekend.
Doesn't anyone care about the talk of a new coaster? ;)
Sounds like fun, but I am more interested in hearing about the new coaster. Im guessing that it would be between Mariners landing and The Adventure pier, as the seem to be closer than Mariners and Surfside. Could it be a Hyper on the beach? It could be the only worthy Hyper in Jersey.

I must really be out of it, because when did they change the name of the piers?

Shop @ "Paintball should be fun, not expensive"
Don't forget that Morey's also owns old Hunt's Pier, which is adjacent to Surfside ;)
Ahh, I get it now. Much closer. Still very excited at the prospect.

Shop @ "Paintball should be fun, not expensive"
Thats 2 full days of riding and sliding for $39. Amazing.
It is a great deal. Nice to see Morey's acknowledge the enthusiast crowd in such a nice way.
I don't know who all is going, but I hear Morey's may be donating a coaster car to the museum at this event.
I would love to go, but I already have plans for the weekend with the family celebrating the 4th. Wish I would have found out about this earlier.

I might have to change the plans. My family will understand. My parents were just down at WW last week for 5 days, and said it was great as always, and they don't ride. ;)

Crap, that would be awesome. But I'm already going to Dorney and SFGA this weekend. psh. I know.

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~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

Dorney and SFA are nice little parks.
So far, over 100 are registered I am told.
Speaking of Morey's,

I'm actually going there (or planning on it, anyway) in a couple of weeks. Is there anywhere to get coupons for wristbands at all? Or no? Just wondering...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

McDonald's had coupons last year for $6 off a wristband.

I always go on Tuesday for their special on Tuesday's. Last year it was $19 for a wristband (rides only) but it expired at 6 p.m. (in 2005 it was $15). I think it's $19 again this year. They have the same deal on Friday for $30 that includes the waterpark as well.

It's a fun park and I like how during they day lines are minimal (5 Great White rides in 25 minutes last year) but I wish prices were lower. $43 for a wristband and almost $7 for a single coaster ride seems like a lot (and I won't even comment on the $325 season pass). *** Edited 7/7/2007 8:27:21 PM UTC by YoshiFan***

Divide that up b 83 rides, 20+ waterslides, and on and on. Find me more rides. And, liik what happened to Six Flags with the $19 season pass.
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When you look at Morey's prices on wristbands, season passes, etc., and then the attendance figures, you have to figure they NOT priced too high. High? Yeah. Too high? Not even close.

Did I mention I'm a believer in the Gonch business model? (Well, his wife's, to be honest). If Morey's was in the middle of IN/MO/KS, then there's no way they couldn't charge those prices....BTW, love the *tax* on the younger crowd... :)

This event is going to ROCK....wish I could be there...
*** Edited 7/8/2007 12:00:32 AM UTC by rollergator***

I'm still curious how they calculate attendance since there is no gate. Is a parent not riding anything but buys a soda from a vending machine on the pier counted for example?

As for the higher prices for those under 25, I understand a pass has more value those under that age but if it's to keep it from being a teenage hangout, I think they should have said under 21. I'm in the under 25 group and don't like having to pay $75 more if I ever were to get a pass. If you go on a normal operating day, you have to go over 8 times for the pass to pay for itself which seems like a lot.

I think $150 - $200 for a season pass would be reasonable. Expensive enough to keep some people away but not ridiculously expensive (especially compared to every other season pass offered in the country except for Disney) *** Edited 7/8/2007 2:42:17 AM UTC by YoshiFan***

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I should get out there some time. Looks like a cool place.


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