Coasters you hope to ride this summer?

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New-to-me coasters I'm most psyched for this year are Phoenix, Banshee, and Goliath (SFGAm). Also excited to be getting back to several parks I've only visited once before. Doing a (mostly) Midwest trip this year.

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Heading to Dollywood for the first time in many years in a couple of weeks. Will get to Goliath at Great America before the season's out.

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I already hit a few already this year including Wild Eagle and Banshee, but in the near future:

Raging Bull and Goliath at SFGam (going to the park for the first time this weekend!)

And for next year, we are planning an east coast trip to hit a bunch more of my "want to ride" coasters:

Griffon, Intimidator 305, Intimidator (Carowinds), Dominator at Dominion, Afterburn and Verbolten (along with the new rumored ride at Carowinds)... Along with the possibility of a Midwest trip which would be exciting for Patriot, Outlaw Run, Wildfire, Powder Keg and Prowler.

Looking forward to it all!

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Okay top 10:


2.The voyage@Holiday World


4.The Banshee@KI

5.Steel Hawg@Indiana Beach



8.Manta@SW Orlando

9.Verbolten@BG Williamsburg

10.New Texas Giant@SFOT

Runners up are: Full Throttle@SFMM,Mr.Freeze Reverse Blast@SFSL,SheiKra@BG Tampa,Leap the Dips@Lakemont Park and Top Thrill Dragster@ CP because it is always closed when I am there.

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Too soon?

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No, too late.


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I was hoping to go to Kings island for Banshee, but, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. But, since I have not been there since 1991, there is a lot there that will have to be held off for another summer.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Sadness. Just got back from my trip to NoCal (primarily to visit family) and made it to the front gate of CGA before finding out Gold Striker was going to be down the two days I could have ridden it. Thankfully my brother lives less than 3 miles away, so I didn't really lose anything, but it's still kind of sucky to see a new roller coaster and a park you haven't been to in a decade and then not enter.

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^Sorry to hear, Andy. Wooden coaster, x 5.

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Meh. He's moving about 15-20 miles down the road this winter, so mildly less convenient to the park, but it's still an easy add-on to a trip to visit him. I'm sure I'll get it in the next year or two.

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My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon. We did an east coast coaster tour and hit Busch Gardens Tampa, Carowinds, and King's Dominion. I was finally able to ride every coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa. Sheikra and Kumba were amazing. Montu had been on my bucket list since I was about 10 years old. I can't say it blows Raptor away, but the theming made it a unique ride.

Intimidator at Carowinds was a relaxing ride, but I wasn't thrilled about it. I personally think Magnum and Phantom's Revenge are better rides. Afterburn was closed which we were pretty bummed about. We rode everything else Carowinds has to offer and neither of us were too impressed with their lineup. We'll go back once the expansion is complete, but until then, I'd only hit that park if I were passing through the area.

We did love King's Dominion. I305 has been on my list since it was built and I finally got on it! Even though we live in Pittsburgh, we consider Cedar Point to be our home park (we have Platinum Passes) so it's hard for me to say that I like I305 better than Millennium Force. Don't get me wrong, I love MF, but I305 hit my adrenaline button. It's like the perfect combination of MF and Maverick with the height, speed, and intense twists. I could ride that thing all day. Volcano was also amazing. That was my wife's favorite. Not a very intense ride, but the second launch out of the mouth of the volcano is so relaxing. That's another ride I could marathon all day. The low speed zero g rolls around the structure just make you smile the whole time. It was also cool to ride Dominator again. It made me realize how much I miss hitting up Geauga Lake on the way back to Cedar Point. The only ride that I did not like at KD was Shockwave. The harnesses were made the ride too painful for me and I'm not one that's quick to complain about that. The only thing that KD truly needs is a good invert. I would not be surprised if Cedar Fair eventually placed a B&M invert in that park.

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Just got my one new credit on Flying Turns. It was pretty cool, just not used to waiting for anything at knoebels. The sign outside the que said 1 hour but it was more like 40 minutes

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Goliath was pretty much the bees knees. Top banana, if you will.

Banshee is the only new for me this year. Considering the quality of that ride, I'm feeling pretty good about the low number of amusement park visits this year. Having a son that is only 2 years old has changed our choices of entertainment for the time being. We have only visited KI and HW this year and only plan on one more trip to KI for the Halloween Event, for which my son will not be attending. I can't wait until he hits 54".

Ive hit all of my new coasters for the year, favorite one was defiantly Banshee, although Alpengeist is still my favorite invert (which I confirmed this summer too)

I305 was a disappointment for me, every thing I read said to expect a taller faster Maverick. Besides lacking the inversions of Maverick (which I have no preference for) it also lacked airtime pops. As for the drop, MF along the lake shore beats grassy field any day.

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I still haven't been on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Its lines mock me. Not that I expect it to be awesome, I'm just annoyed because it's so close.

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I lost 75 lbs and took my first trip to SFNE last week. Bizarro is quite the ride. I'll probably go back there next year rather than check out any of the new B&M.

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