Coasters you hope to ride this summer?

The board seemed a little slow, so figured i'd start a topic here and hopefully get some raw coaster discussion going......

What are some the coasters you hope to ride in in the near future? Could even be ones you've already been on.

For me, limited to rides i could feasibly make a trip to in next year or so ...

The Voyage @ Holiday World - From both TV and Net hype, looks like an amazing ride

Intimidator @ Carowinds - One of the newer B&M hypers, would love to check it out

Bizzaro @ SFNE - Rated so highly, and i loved Superman ROS

Volcano @KD - ridden before but been along time, line was always too long

Intimidator 305 @KD - ridden before, but broken down last year when i went and yes, they noted it on the front page of the website :-)

Recent conquests -El Toro and Kingda Ka - both were 5/5 coasters for me and well worth the 6 hour trip.

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Orphan Rocker.

Ok sure.. I'll play.

So far this summer I have done..

1. A May trip to SFGAM.. basically for Raging Bull and X-Flight as I hadn't done that before.. and to get my daughter on some of the 42" coasters as she has hit that mark this year.

2. King's Island for Banshee.

3. Myrtle Beach's Family Kingdom for Swamp Fox and their little Mouse Coaster.

4. Dollywood which I hadn't been to since 04 or 05.. Hit all the coasters and got my daughter on Firechaser Express.

For the rest of the summer we have planned:

A return to SFGAM to do Goliath now that it is open.

A trip to Noah's Ark (no roller coasters but thought it was worth mentioning). Forgot to mention, I will definitely ride Hellcat (Avalanche) while in the Dells. Probably won't go to Mt. Olympus though as I can't stand that park for the most part.


Then maybe something in September.. considering one of the Events at Holiday World or Daredevil Daze at St. Louis.. or maybe a trip to Adventureland in Iowa.

Finally, in October one more trip to Great America for Halloween stuff.

So probably the only new to me coaster will be Goliath unless we go to Adventureland. I am most looking forward to Beastbuzz and checking out Noah's Ark though.

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^^ ah yes forgot to add Banshee. I've got an old friend who lives 10 minutes from Kings Island, maybe we can visit him and hit KI.

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Dragon Wagon!

.... Or Maverick

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Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure.

I've already did my number one goal this year... Finally able to ride the front seat of Hershey's Great Bear after losing weight (90lbs)! The rest of the coasters at Hershey are on my list as well for this year.

Knoebels: All coasters - Flying Turns being the only new one for me

Dorney: All Coasters - Stinger (is that what is called?) being the only new one

Kings Dominion: All coasters... especially Volcano (had to take the walk of shame last year from that coaster like I did the front seat of Great Bear)

Six Flags America: All Coasters - Apocalypse and Rajin' Cajun being the only two new ones for me.

Other than that, I don't expect to get any place this summer except for these day trips... not enough vacation days available.

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^^ Stinger was still down and with no trains on the track as of about a week and a half ago.

My goals were quite lofty this year, and unfortunately, we ran into serious financial issues that probably have squashed our plans. However, Bizarro at SFNE may still be a go, and there are still tentative plans to hit Leap the Dips in Altoona, RolloCoaster at Idlewild, and all of Kennywood. We shall see...

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HamptonRoadsRider said:

...The Voyage @ Holiday World - From both TV and Net hype, looks like an amazing ride...

Absolutely amazing.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

Quelle surprise.

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Seven Dwarves, Shivering Timbers for the first time in forever (I got the D/D+ ride post-SRM one year and haven't been back since due in large part to a really poor visit). Pretty hopeful for even decent rides...

Would have loved to have gotten Goliath GAm, but that's not looking likely. Will get to ride GateKeeper (first Wingrider - wow has my traveling been down these last few years, didn't even get a GT ballot this year, LOL), and Banshee.

Just hard for me to get excited about anything blahs I guess. That being said, I really do look forward to getting FireChaser Express and Seven Dwarves because inside I guess I really am eight or so.

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom in December

Hopefully Wild Eagle, and FireChaser Express at Dollywood in October

Banshee at Kings Island

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I only looked forward to Banshee, El Toro, and Kingda Ka. I missed one of these and will not be making back to ride it, but two out of three ain't bad.

I've been trying to come up with plans to visit a few more parks this year. Maybe Kings Dominion. I haven't been there in ages, so there are a lot of new-to-me coasters to look forward to.

I'm holding off on Carowinds because something new and big will be there next year.

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I think the only new credit I'm going to get this year is Gold Striker. My travel is down quite a bit as well (young kids will do that to you).

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Lots of great responses. SLFAKE congrats on the Great Bear!

Carowinds seems like it has alot of clone type rides, at least similar to what i've already riden,so maybe next year would be better for that park,

My wife is excited about the Seven Dwarfs train, which in turn makes me excited that she is excited about a coaster. Once our son is a little older, we will make it back to Disney - had a great time on our honeymoon - it was my wife's first time and she was skeptical I think going in to it, but converted by the time we left!

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I know the real name of the ride is "Seven Dwarfs..." - just can't bring myself to say that without my inner English teacher screaming...

Carowinds has a reputation for being clone-y, but I can think of at least four of their coasters that have unique, custom layouts. And two of those are outstanding rides. I agree, though, with next year's addition it might be best to wait. (I just love a new parking toll plaza.)

My coaster season has been turned upside down somewhat. After a good start with Banshee and the parks of Denver, my other summer trips I had hoped to take (Dollywood, Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World) may have to wait. This summer we're undergoing a major house remodel and that requires moving to another house temporarily, and we've already run into so many problems and delays you wouldn't believe it.

However, we recently decided to make our annual state fair trip to the New York State Fair in late august and it occured to me that there are some parks in the general area that I've never been to. I'm at least hoping to hit Seabreeze, there would be some new rides for me there that I hadn't planned on originally. I've already been to Waldameer and Darien, but maybe on the way there or back.

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Seabreeze is pretty awesome for a smaller park. Jack Rabbit is one of the few remaining Miller rides, and gives a really nice ride. Whirlwind is a pretty standard spinning model, but the Bobsled ride is CRAZY fun and quirky.

I've also heard a strong rumor that the flying skooters are a "ride at your own pace" kind of ride...*wink*

Agreed about SeaBreeze. That little park has so much character. We live in Rochester and SeaBreeze has supplanted Darien Lake as our "home park." I'm sure having a 4 (soon to be 5) year old son has lot to do with that, but it is a fun park. And admission & food prices are downright reasonable.

My travels only include Cedar Point this year. We went a bit over a month ago. Millennium Force is still my all time favorite but GateKeeper took me by surprise. Looking forward to another ride during HalloWeekends.

But then again, what do I know?

In April I visited Dollywood and KI (Banshee Media Day/Opening Day).

In May I visited Cedar Point and KI.

In June I visited WOF/OOF and Schliterbahn Kansas.

Im going soon to Williamsburg for the week (with a side stop at KD to get my I:305 credit) and in August Ill be going to KI and CP again. This fall I plan to do CP, KI, Disneyland and Knotts, and Ill return to Disneyland in December.

Its been a really great year so far, and Im not even half way done :).

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