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Ok, I apologize if this topic has been brought up before, but has anyone out there ever gotten a coaster tattoo and if so, which coaster or coaster related item do you have? And if you don't, which one would you get for yourself assuming you would want to do such a thing? Just curious...
God I hope no one actually has such a thing...
^Why? I can think of a lot worse things I've seen tatooed on people besides coasters. Someone posted a Millennium Force M on their shoulder at Pointbuzz. I had thought of claws representing the Beast. Don't know if I'll ever do it though.

Yeah, it would be much worse than those jailhouse tatoos I've seen. Where's the rolleyes smilie? *** Edited 10/23/2006 8:42:39 PM UTC by Coasterbuzzer***

I know some members on here have them... they posted pics several months ago. We'll have to wait and see.
I have a coaster tattoo,darkride and fun house tattoo, and one of Tille from the palace in Asbury NJ.Yes that was me at PPP

I miss Drachen Fire

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Coasterbuzzer said:
I had thought of claws representing the Beast.

I have a bear claw on my right shoulder which partially has to do with the Beast. Some other personal signifigance, unrelated to coasters.

I don't know the guy's name, but I've seen a big dude at a few enthusiast events with several Cedar Point tattoos. He generally had different colored hair/facial hair whenever I saw him. This was years ago, though, not sure if he's still around as much.

matt i actaually saw who you were talking about he had his hair parted and dyed like a track
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There was a ride op at CP a few years ago who had several coaster tattoos. I wish I could remember his name.
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That guy with the multi colored hair and tattoos is Jerry. He's a cool guy. :)

fearandloathing said:
God I hope no one actually has such a thing...

Why not? It would sure have a heck of a lot more meaning to the recipient than a teeny-bopper walking into a scratcher, looking at the stock catalog, and saying "Ok, I'll have the Butterfly Anklet #32 special in blue, oh, and can I get a side of roses with that? That would be SOOOOO awesome, thanks!"

Remember, kids, what you get inked at 20 you'll have to explain when you're 40. I've seen WAY too many people out there with bad sun-faded flash that they clearly got because it was the "cool thing to do", without giving any thought to the future. (Yes, tattoos can be removed, but it's expensive and, from what I hear, far more painful than getting it in the first place.)

That said, I don't have a coaster tattoo...yet. I have a few ideas floating around (the most likely being a roller-coaster track mobius strip armband). I DO have a non-coaster tattoo which has a lot of personal meaning -- a barcode on my shoulder that scans as "GregLeg" in Code 128.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

I'm in the process of getting a 1/2 sleeve coaster tattoo, first tattoo actually! It's no particluar coaster, basicly a wood coaster, but made out of bones. I gave my tattooist, AJ a photo album of Thunderhead pictures, a few close up pictures of trains, and the Bucketheadland 2 cd for him to listen to while he drew the design. His first design was cool but didn't really have any crossovers and thats the one of the main things I wanted. The day of my first appointment he had a new design complete with crossovers.

The lead car of the train is a skull with tusks wearing a helmet (think of the Motorhead warpig). Ribcage and skull tunnels, spikey shark fin/tooth rails. The empty areas are being filled with jagged mountains, basicly if a coaster was in hell this would be it. So far I have about 8 1/2 hours into it and it's only about half finished. So far everyone thats seen it thinks it looks great.

Why'd I get it? Why not. I wanted a tattoo for at least 10 years but could never figure out what to get. Like Greg said I didn't want somthing right off a wall that a million other people could have. I can honestly say that no one else has this or would probably want to get it. Why did I go with a half sleeve for a first tattoo? A majority of the time people say they wish they went bigger with their tattoos and also how much of a roller coaster can you sum up in a 4"X4" tattoo. You get get alot more detail the bigger you go. I figure instead of getting 5 or 6 small tattoos I should just suck it up and get 1, plus it could turn into a pretty sick full sleeve!

So far 90% of the outline work is done. My outer bicep took 6 hours to get shaded. I still have my inner bicep to get shaded and then fill the open areas with the jaged mountains. Once thats finished we will complete the structure, it's just verticle structure now and touch up some shaded areas to blend everything. Finally when all of that is done we are going to cap off the ball of my arm and shoulder with somthing my tattooist is thinking of to finish it off.

I'm giving my tattooist complete control over the design. We will throw ideas back and forth but i'm letting him do what he thinks will look best since he knows what works and doesn't in designs. *** Edited 10/24/2006 3:13:42 AM UTC by coasterpunk***

I have to say, the work I've seen so far on cpunk's tattoo (which was as of PPP) was looking REALLY good.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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Geek, party of one...your table is ready! ;)
I do hope you'll post a pic of that tat when it's complete CPunk. Love to see it!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
Lordy, I will get tons of flack about this, but think about it.....

If i carve "I Love Kennywood" into my arm with an Xacto knife and fill the scars with ink I will get committed to the funny farm.

If I pay someone else hundreds of dollars to do it with a bunch of itty bitty needles, it's "art"......


If your going to carve your arm you need to carve "SLAYER" into it, although it's been done before!
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Wouldn't "Flayer" be more accurate? ;)
Actually, the National Geographic Channel is running a show today called "Taboo: Body Cutters". I have my DVR set to record it.

There are a number of differences between tattooing and cutting, not the least of which is that tattoo needles penetrate at a set, controlled depth. You can do a LOT more actual harm with a knife.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

GregLeg said:
I DO have a non-coaster tattoo which has a lot of personal meaning -- a barcode on my shoulder that scans as "GregLeg" in Code 128.

That is AWESOME!

And yes there are worse things you can do to yourself than tattoo. Some people go through a process called scarification where they have a design carved into their skin and the scars form the design when they heal. Others undergo skin removal which is pretty much like embossing a design into your skin.

Hooray for tattoos! Although I don't have any and probably will never get one.

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I got a tattoo when I was 20, in college. It's a small Halloween-ish black cat on my lower left leg. I KNEW I had to get something that I wasn't going to regret down the road. I STILL love it to this day! It sorta has some personal meaning as well. It looks a LOT like one of my beloved pets who died almost 4 years ago, Janis, although I got the tat a year before I adopted her. :)

It was either that or a guitar with flames coming out of it. :) I am glad I chose the first. Although the latter looked "cool" at the time......I am still glad I chose the black kitty with the red eyes. ;) It ROCKS more than the hair band-ish guitar with flames. Nowadays THAT would be considered cheesy. ;) You just HAD to see it. :)

I LOVE tattoos if they look great. I actually find it a turn-on on guys, but it depends on what it is and where it is. I am not attracted to guys that have their entire arms covered in tats like Tommy Lee but on the other hand I can appreciate it. I have some friends who are tattoo artists and I think they are the most talented, creative people in the world. I only WISH I had that talent. :)

As far as coaster tats, I have thought about it many times. I would never get a tat of a particular coaster for the same reason I would never get a tat of my favorite just MAY regret it down the road. I can appreciate those who do it, though.

I never really understood why people get tats of their boyfriends/girlfriends or even their husbands/wives' names. If it was your kid I could understand but come on!

I am ready for my next tattoo and although I would like to have something showing my love for coasters I have not found anything that I like. I thought about the Beast "claws" as well, just because they look cool. I thought about having a generic coaster track wrapped around my arm. I thought about a lot of things but's permanent and I am fussy.

I am still looking for the next perfect tat. :) I am also trying to decide WHERE I want it.

My brother got some funky Native American artwork done a few years ago that I am interested in. It looks really awesome! I just need to decide. I will probably get one as a birthday present to myself in two months (in addition to a trip to Dollywood!) ;)

I just HATE needles. It took YEARS for me to finally get the first tattoo. It sorta felt like a bee stinging you over and over. It wasn't that bad but at least I went through with it (my friend chickened out at the last minute!)

Dan, congrats on your first tat! I can't wait to see photos of it once you get it finished!


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