Coaster Myths and Misconceptions

What is your personal favorite coaster myth or misconception that you hear from the GP?

Mine is the one that riding a coaster takes a month off your life. If that was true, I'd be dead!

in reference to the swaying of Intamin Impulse towers


*runs around screaming*

-Bob (formerly Coaster Jedi)
anger is a gift

I will yell and run madly down the street in tighty whities if I hear one more person say that colossus at SFMM is over 200ft.

(Ive heard that one from alot of people at work)

Krimson n' Kream, Spr 98


Intamin, the cadillac of roller coasters.


Mantis is getting repainted... wait a minute :) <sarcasm>

Here's a park myth:
"Cedar Point is running out of room!!!!!!!" ;)

(edit: spelling mistake)
It's all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious.
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The ride operator can stop the trains in the middle of going down.
"The coaster goes upside-down? Wouldn't the train fall off the track then?"
"I don't trust those wood ones, they don't look safe."

I really hate those kind of comments. The bad thing is that I hear it all the time.

A funny one that I heard was that the helix on the Phantom's Revenge was originally a loop, but the supports slid out from under it and it fell down. That was the big myth that was going around my school.

My mind works in strange ways. Yeah with a chain driven lift hill and gravity.

"I got stuck upside down on Carolina Cyclone"

hmmmmmm.... no you didn't, its never happened.

"They took White Lightnin' out because it hit the top and 20 people fell out and died"

yeahhhhh suuure.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, roller coasters (Homer Style)

If I hear a clikety-clack The structure will fall.

Jay Vending the Best Amusement Park Job

"I'm not going on that. It has a lapbar and a loopty-loop. We will fall out of the car thing".

That's very funny considering people have been riding it for years usually.

-Sean Newman

I'm not kidding when i say I've heard this at Dorney:

"Why is Steel Force down?"

"They need to refuel the trains"

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At my school: "Top Thrill Dragster is 1000 ft tall!"

^Good for CP, funny too!

"Scream early because once you reach 420 feet, no one will hear you!"-TOP THRILL DRAGSTER

Cedar Point RCT2 recreation-

CoastinCorey said it best, "Magnum is sinking!"

If you can't beat your computer at chess, try kickboxing.

This is one I hear all the time at Acrophobia, (I know not a coaster) "I hope the power doesn't go out on the drop, because then it won't stop."

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Dosn't a chain pull the car up Hypersonic?

People were killed when fire burend them up on Volcano.

The Mole

On line for Apollo's Chariot:

"Did you hear that a bird hit Fabio on this ride"

"OMG, This thing's not safe!!! They should put up a net or something"

"Hey! Turn it up to Full Speed this Time!"

"Grit Your Teeth, Bare The Load, Enjoy your ride, on Thunder Road"

Quote from a confused guy at SFWoA, " Is that big blue and yellow coaster the Spiderman ride?" "And what's this Batman Knight Flight, I see it on the map but I can't find it here in the park?" That guy made me laugh.

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