Coaster Enthusiast Stereotype

OMG. Thanks for waisting my time! I love how he doesn't "tolerate" people that wont ride the "racing horse". Is this guy daft in the head?

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I'm surprised that this thread didn't turn into an all out ACE bashing, but to give you guys some credit, I realize that this has only been posted for a day.
You never know the girls that they were with could have been really hot!?! ;)
He calls them females, and neither one of them sat in the same car he did. So for all we know, it was his mom and grandmother. I see the guy has 49 videos posted on You tube. If there was ever a case for censorship, this is it.
That was........creepy
"So there were 4 people there' 2 guys and 2 girls; so 2 males and 2 females."

So what I understand that this guy was at Cedar Point in 2001 with he, 1 male, and 2 females and he rode MF with 1 male and 2 females.

This video is awful. This female could be a chicken, at the beginning of the second video he makes a chicken noise when describing her. *** Edited 7/30/2007 9:34:05 PM UTC by Audioslaved***

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