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Clementon Park 2008 Ok so if you havent heard yet, the park is under new ownership.
First, it is not Hugh Bleemer from Chase. The company that owns the park is Adrenaline Family Entertainment. There is a gentleman named Hue, but it is not Bleemer.

Alot of changes for 2008:
1. most likely J2 WILL be trimmed as well as the second hill completely reprofiled.
2. The falling star and the chaos will be removed to make way for a new family water attraction by whitewater west called a rain fortress.(similar to the play structure at hershey but the next size smaller.) with 10 slides and over 450 interactive water objects
3. alot of money will be spent on beautification of the park, its facilities, the parking lot, the buildings, the games, and its staff,
as well as marketing.

They have alot of big plans and see alot of potential in our small Clementon Park.


Also the season will be extended from 76 operating dyas in 2007 to 113 in 2008 including full time in june and weekends in september and october for Halloscreams!

Season pass prices for next year will be very cheap and competitive.

big things for 2008-2010!
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Wish I could get out there for some more ferocious J2 rides before he's neutered. :(

AV Matt
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I went Last week and Tsunami was kicking butt.
(Jswiga they said you had off that day)
- Where would the trims be added ?
- Any Drawings,Press release or Links ?
- When is the announcement ? I heard Oct.

I was going to buy a season pass next year just to ride Tsunami but I hope I don't buy and its not the same coaster.

Yes this is a reason to get to the Park ASAP this year. I may head out on Monday night again


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Any new source to back up the claims? Not that I doubt the accuracy but you know how this will end....with the closure of the thread just like the rest of the one you opened for this park before.

the only source i have is that i work there and a few people here can back up my reliability. You can also call the park and get a lil info too.

big things for 2008-2010!
Yes Jswiga does work at the park and has for years and has known this info for months.

I called the park last week and was told the news will be announced in Oct or November.

I'm also local and everyone (locals) knows about this already.

Even when you visit the park the employees talk openly about it.

This is no reason to close this thread down.
There are other threads on this board that are talking up other rides and parks that have yet to be announced or even have a Link.

if that was the case there would have been no talk on this board about Maverick.

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His info pretty much matches what I've heard from various sources. No reason to doubt him.
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The only reason I even mentioned that it might get closed is that the last several threads he had on this same topic were closed. I dont personally doubt him and never did. I hope this is a GOOD thing that it does get sold...hopefully to someone who cares about the park and it's patrons. I wasnt much impressed when I went there last summer. So much so that when I was in the area again, I drove right on by it. Maybe with a new owner my attitude will change.

Jswiga on another site has led me to believe I need to call ahead before going to the park in the coming weeks. J2 is down he said. I've recognized Jswiga since J2(Tsunami)'s debut with information about that ride and the park overall.
Why is Tsunami going to be trimmed if the second hill is going to get reprofiled? Won't that correct most of the ride's problems?
ok we have 2 days left in our season and it looks like the old jack rabbit will meet its demise. they are thinking about commemerating a few pieces with plaques and selling them. i have so many things to talk about but wanna be sure before i say anything.

big things for 2008-2010!
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I'm guessing the INSANE helix is a major factor in J2's maintenance issues.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I hope they reopen Jack Rabbit. I've never been to Clementon, but I'd have alot bigger urge to get there if the classic woodie was running.
^^^ What have you heard? Is a demolition on the horizon? If so, I'm really pissed that no one saw the restoration of the ride as a good business move, as the park clearly needs to offer a coaster that's not as intense as Tsunami. But if nothing is going to be done with Jack Rabbit, might as well put it out of its misery, especially since the rotting coaster doesn't do much for the park's aesthetics.
I read somewhere when they were talking about the park being sold, that the new owners may have plans to reopen Jackrabbit, hope it's true.
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That Jack Rabbit has stood since late 2002 non operational. I wouldn't doubt it's going to nearly be rebuilt if it were to open.
No link but info on New ACE news front page


- I rode past the park yesterday and they had a Crane over the bottom of the lift hill on Tsunami and a Train halfway up the lift I would assume train removal ? I have some pics I will post Later

- All the Picnic tables are In the back parking Lot
- I could see a giant pile of soil in the picnic area this to me looks like they are digging a footing for a new building ?

- called the park and girl said no announcements till next year on the new owners
- asked about Season pass and she said not till next year
- in the new 10-4-07 July August ACE news they say the park is sold and the Jack Rabbit will be Demolished. if they do Demolish the coaster I will be there to take photos (this will be a sad day it was my 1st big coaster)

It saddens me that demolition is going to be the fate of that classic ride but as it's been sitting idle for half a decade, I kinda gave up on it returning to life (painful as that is for me to admit). I hope the new owner makes the changes the park needs to survive. It would be a shame for the place to disappear but right now it wouldn't be much of a loss since there's nothing noteworthy left in place.
ok heres some info
-the crane was for removal of the blue train to get it reworked for 2 train operation for next season
-the giant pile of soil was from digging but not a new building, all the pavilions on the hill are now on concrete instead of dirt and rocks and the whole back area will be black top and more dirt sand and rocks. (makes life a little easier for carts, strollers and wheelchairs)
-im still waiting too for some official announcements too.
-season passes i think they are just finalizing the prices and the small print and should be ready to start selling before the holidays.
-and the demolition of the jack rabbit is coming very soon, i will be taking arial photos from j2s lift hill when it starts.

i have taken a ton of pics of the whole park so that when all work is said and done we have some nice before and after pics.

big things for 2008-2010!
Its Official

NEW YORK, Nov 09, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Angelo, Gordon & Co. ("Angelo Gordon") announced today that it has created Adrenaline Family Entertainment, Inc. ("Adrenaline" or the "Company") in conjunction with its acquisition of Clementon Lake Park in Clementon, New Jersey. Angelo Gordon acquired the business in August in partnership with amusement park industry veterans Hue Eichelberger and Russell Kuteman. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Adrenaline Family Entertainment has been established with the goal of building a diversified portfolio of amusement park operations through acquisition and selective greenfield development opportunities. Adrenaline will be led by CEO Hue Eichelberger, who is the former Executive Vice President of the Eastern Region for Six Flags, Inc., and CFO Russell Kuteman, also a former Six Flags executive.
"We are very pleased to be partnering with Hue and Russell as we pursue this exciting consolidation strategy," commented Dan Bonoff, a Managing Director at Angelo Gordon. "We have studied the amusement park industry and believe it offers an attractive return profile. Clementon is a perfect example of the type of asset we are seeking to acquire because of its strong regional presence and significant growth potential."
Based in Clementon, NJ, approximately 15 miles from downtown Philadelphia, Clementon Lake Park was founded in 1907, making it one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the United States. The park had been owned by the family of Larry Baker since 1977. Clementon Lake Park is situated on approximately 55 acres of land and features both amusement park rides and a water park. The park has historically been open from Memorial Day until Labor Day and currently serves approximately 250,000 people annually.
"With Angelo Gordon's financial and strategic support, we are setting out to build a world class organization. We are eager to find additional opportunities to continue to grow our business," said Eichelberger.
About Angelo, Gordon & Co.
Angelo, Gordon & Co. is a leading alternative investment money management firm founded in 1988 and, with its affiliates, has approximately $16 billion under management. Currently, the firm's investment disciplines encompass four principal areas: (i) distressed debt and leveraged loans, (ii) real estate, (iii) private equity and special situations and (iv) a number of hedge fund strategies. Angelo, Gordon & Co. employs over 100 investment professionals and is headquartered in New York, with associated offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai.
SOURCE Angelo, Gordon & Co.
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