Chance Rides files for bankruptcy

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Manufacturer Chance Rides has filed for bankruptcy. Read more from New Jersey Online.

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Interesting they blame the slowing economy yet amusement parks in general have had about a decade of good years. Six Flags alone should be keeping them in business.

Maybe it's that Slingshot ride that never works. :)

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Yikes, if Chance goes under, where are the parks going to get parts for half the flat rides out there?
There will be other companies who will start developing Flat rides

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We will most likely see someone pick up Chance and start manufacturing them under a different name.

The problem is, is their last rides really cost a lot to develop and weren't all that successful.
Inverter, Aviator, Slingshot....
The Incerter seems to have been sucessful, and the Chaos was one of the most sucessful rides I have ever seen. They probably just have to reorganize their finances without the creditors breathing down their necks.

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They've made some questionable decisions. Buying ARM (UK) was one; then there's the problem of trying to recoup development costs on the Inverter and Slingshot and Aviator. The Aviator in particular has to have cost them a fortune in design and redesign costs and they still can't make them work right and they still can't sell them. They've built a lot of Chaos rides, but that's the last runaway hit ride they built. The company really needs another Zipper or Chaos...some kind of a single-trailer money machine that they can sell lots of. Just like what Wisdom has done with the Tornado.

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Maybe parks think there rides are unreliable. The Chaos at SFA which was brand new last year has had so many problems. Sometimes it gets stuck while trying to lift off the ground, and other times the sensors won't let the ride start because it thinks that a lapbar isn't closed when it is. Maybe this is why Six Flags and most other big park chains go with Zamperla for most of their kids rides. I would hate to see them go under though. Variety is a good thing.
Wow. I didn't see this coming.

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Outside of Eli's Scrambler, is Chance the last big American flat ride builder?
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They should have created a high-capacity version of the Zipper. What a great ride.
I never saw this comming, However that being said, I hope someone else like huss or another company. begins making chaos's and zippers, cause no park should be without either of these classics.
The Zipper is the best. Nothing comes close. I wish every park had about 5 Zippers.
They should try selling some of their carnival rides to the major parks. I would love to see a Zipper everywhere I went!! *** This post was edited by Frederick on 4/19/2001. ***
All across the world we can hear the faint cheer of ride mechanics jumping for joy!!!

An unnerving stillness in the woods of southern Indiana beckons for you on May 11th.....
Maybe this will encourage more innovation in ride design. Seeing as overseas makers seem to be on top of things, maybe we will see more of the Push It's and Flip Out's that out overseas friends ahve been enjoying for years.
I would be very interested in hearing whatever real news explains this. My own speculation is that the increasing consolidation of the major parks can't be beneficial for them, as it makes them more dependent on fewer income sources for the really big, new rides.

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Noooo, this cant happen !

My local theme park was expecting a delivery of a new ride from you think it will stil come ?
lol arrow guy...
I guess there's no more yelling out
"Hey this thing shakes like a chance chaos!"
"Nothing should shake like a chance chaos!"

Wolf, you're forgetting about Wisdom and Dartron.

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