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RMC Raptor track. Looks like the same ride going in at SFFT. Queue (see what I did there?) complaints about capacity.

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Normally when a park markets a ride as being the tallest, longest, fastest, loopiest, or first of its kind they have some sort of agreement with the manufacturer to keep it that way for a period of time. I'm surprised that they're building a clone of the ride Six Flags was so anxious to call "first!" on. I understand that these are completely different markets, but "first announced" ride of its kind has less of a bite than "only operating."

Oh, and capacity.

CGA's YouTube has an uninterrupted video of the ride. The time from hitting the top of the lift to clearing the first brakes is approximately 45 seconds. (Granted, this is only an animation, but it gives us a rough estimate of the ride time.) This gives the ride a theoretical capacity of 640 PPH. For comparison, the wild mouse at Knott's has a maximum of 960 per Ultimate Rollercoaster, and the mouse at Hershey has a max of 835 per RCDB.

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