California's Great America announces RailBlazer roller coaster

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From the announcement:

RailBlazer will lift riders to a height of 106 feet before plunging them face down at a 90-degree angle. Throughout the 1,800 feet of track, riders will travel 52 miles per hour, experience an abundance of airtime and steeply banked turns, undertake three inversions and twist through a zero gravity roll.

Read more from California's Great America.

A bit disappointing it's literally a mirror image of Wonder Woman.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

Both of them are only 1800 feet long, too.

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

Both have 8 single seat cars per train, too.

This version looks a little better to me, though. The promise (right now) is little cave tunnels and stuff like that, so the setting looks nice. Two train op will allow them to load 8 at once, so the two systems will be interesting to compare.

This park is still on my bucket list. I'm familiar with the layout, though. Where in the park will this ride be situated? It seems to have an old-timey theme.

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All of the pictures appear to show three trains - one in the station, one on the brakes, and one on the course.

Well, where did I get that idea? Musta been from listening to the leaked info ahead of time. (Note to self...)
And now that you mention it, the vid does indicate three trains. It looks like the plan is to have one starting up the lift while one is just arriving at the final brake. The block will be somewhere between the final brake and the station.
Will there be that abhorrent stacking? Surely. Once again with only 8 seats to fill the load time will be fast and efficient and hopefully all trains will be ready to go in the proper, allowed amount of time. Right?

Since we're on the topic of capacity again :) this is what I posted in the original closed topic:

CGA's YouTube has an uninterrupted video of the ride. The time from hitting the top of the lift to clearing the first brakes is approximately 45 seconds. (Granted, this is only an animation, but it gives us a rough estimate of the ride time.) This gives the ride a theoretical capacity of 640 PPH. For comparison, the wild mouse at Knott's has a maximum of 960 per Ultimate Rollercoaster, and the mouse at Hershey has a max of 835 per RCDB.

Gonna need FL+++ for this one.

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