Cell phone - in lines and on coasters? C'mon!!

I have noticed a disturbing trend on two recent visits to C.P. (5/8/04 & 5/15/04) cell phones...everywhere.

Does a guest really need to talk on a cell while in line or on a freaking coaster. Yes..on a coaster!

I thought people went to thrill parks to forget about normal every day distractions. Does a guest really need to be found that desperately while at a thrill park?

I don't want to hear anything about the phones being a great communications device with the family. Remember the days of looking at a watch and then selecting a time and a location to reunite? What ever happened to that.

Standing in line with someone chatting on a cell phone is as irritating as going to a movie and listening to some clown talk on their cell during the flick.

I almost had a near death experience on Magnum last week. The rider in front of me thought that the cell phone was secured in the interior coat pocket. When we hit the camel bumps the phone flies out right past my head. I was unhappy about the potential for being struck while on the ride...but I felt justified when the rider lost the phone.

Am I the only person who is noticing this trend? Leave the cell phone in the car!

My girlfriend and I usually just leave our cell phones in a bookbag in a locker when we go to SFGadv, or a locker or car at other theme parks. We only use them in case of emergencies while there, but other than that, we keep them good and away.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

We have a family plan and use the phones as walkie talkies when we go to parks as a group. However, we never talk on the rides using them. We used to have regular walkie talkies, but a cell phone is better for so many reasons...better battery life, don't have to find a clear channel, better sound quality...

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Let us not forget the incident on The Villian in the first season of SFO, where the lady got hit in the head by someone elses cell phone, and it caused some kind of skull injury. As for people in line, yeah it's probably annoying, but maybe you're just jealous:) Seriously, I never got people talking on cell phones in public places, until I got one myself (although, I always turn it off in movie theatres, and church). The people who weird me out though, are the people with the ear pieces. It looks like they're talking to no one.
I see no earthly reason ANYONE would need to carry a cellphone on a coaster ride, although I realize many people are nervous about leaving them in the station bins. Last year in early Nov., during Fright Fest, at the close of the season for SFNE, someone had a cellphone on S:ROS - when the train returned to the station there was a girl in the back of the train with her face literally covered with - STREAMING with - blood. It was determined that somebody's cellphone had gone flying and struck her hard in the forehead (where there are many blood vessels), producing a LOT of bleeding. After that incident the ride ops went ballistic and started demanding everyone leave ALL loose objects in the station before boarding. I guess this is one good reason to ride in the front rather than in the back - that girl was really lucky, because at speeds of 70-80mph a small cellphone can become a deadly projectile...

I know many feel uneasy about leaving cellphones in the station - I personally don't want the extra baggage in the park - I just leave the cellphone behind and enjoy a cell-free park experience, and I don't miss it ONE BIT.

I think it's a matter of common sense.

If you are riding on a coaster, you should have all loose objects (cel phones, wallets, cameras, etc.) secure in a zipper cargo pocket. Loose pockets are simply not safe enough, in my opinion, which is why I make sure to wear shorts with zipper pockets every time I go to a park. Otherwise, I agree that loose articles should be kept in a locker or back in the car.

Now, I have to respectfully disagree with the idea that people shouldn't bring their phones at all. Again, it is all a matter of courtesy and common sense.

Last year, when I went to Cedar Point with a group of friends having the cel phone was indeed quite useful if we got separated or wanted to check out different attractions, especially since it's virtually impossible to predict queue times.

As far as speaking on the phone while in line, I don't see why it should irritate anyone. It is not the same as a movie or a library, where other people are going to be disturbed by someone talking. I'm frankly more irritated by screaming children and rude teenagers in line than someone having a normal conversation on their cel phone. I ended up waiting for Top Thrill Dragster by myself last season for about 90 minutes (because my friends were too afraid to ride) and I was thankful that I had my phone with me so I could have conversations with friends and family back home to keep me company. I assure you that my conversation wasn't any louder or more annoying than any other conversation anyone else in line was having, and once I reached the station platform, I put my phone away and secured it safely in my zipper pocket so that no one would get hurt.

Cigarette smoking... line jumping... urinating on queue rails... yeah - those are things worth getting pissed off about... not cel phones.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it is used respectfully. I agree, that guy on Magnum was a jerk for keeping a loose object in his front pocket on an airtime filled thrill ride and I'm glad you were not hurt... but don't blame the phone itself for his stupidity.

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On a coaster, I totally agree. In line however, I disagree. Although it may be rude, cell phones were invented to keep one accessible no matter where one is, consequently, however annoying and rude it may be, I can understand someone talking on a cell phone in line. Talking on a coaster is just dumb.
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A Cel-Phone is smaller than a WalkieTalkie... but I think either is sufficient. I have both, but I'd rather take the WalkieTalkie with me ONLY because you don't got to pay any fees outside of the orginal cost of the Talkies, and you just push a button to request the other party. Problem is... even on a 7-mile WalkieTalkie... reception isn't always the greatest in the parks... but makes talking into them seem a little more acceptable than on a cel-phone because you can tell the other party is in the park, and it's not your boyfriend/girlfriend in a car on the highway eathing a cheesburger while you chill in line, smoking a pack of Camels.

The Cel-Phone is good because the reception is great (so as long as the cel-tower is there), so if you're using that to reach other guests in the park it's good...

...and yes, its good for advancement in technology like this vs. setting a time & place like the olden days 'cause those times sucked!! Now you can let the other party know if you're stuck in line or are going to be 20 minutes late.

Not to mention that it should only be common sense to put ANYTHING that you have that is loose, in pockets that can be buttoned, velcro'd, or zipped as to prevent them from falling out (except cameras which we all need to take pictures on-ride! ;) (just kidding))... if you are on a phone-call when you get to the station house and it's not an emergency... get the f*ck off the phone, Hollywood because it's just stupid.

That thing about the girl getting hit in the face at sfne has convinced me too wear a zipper pocket for my cell phone or any other loose object. Im not objecting to people talking on the cell phone, its good when bored or to find someone in the park but will never change since gp never fully learn.
I bring my cell phone into parks to meet up with friends should we seperate. I don't see how one could find cell phones something that SHOULD be kept elsewhere. I don't find people's conversations on cell phones annoying.

I think taking a cell phone on a ride is fine if its in a pocket that is zippered or zelcroed. Those cargo pockets that overhang over the pocket and attached are okay too. In a loose pocket, no. Nor do I think someone should have to take the phone out to answer a call or anything during the ride. It can't be THAT important that you need to endanger others. I mean, its like wearing a hat on a coaster and expecting it to still be there when you return.

I think if I was at a park that I don't visit much or far away, I would consider leaving my phone in the car or elsewhere so that I could enjoy the day. But if its my homepark, I'm not bothered if someone calls.

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When I was at SFNE last fall, the ride ops were very adament that cell phones be left behind. At one point they even stated that 12 phones had allready been lost for that day, and the park hadn't even been open an hour yet! I don't have any problem whatsoever if someone wants to talk on their phone in line. It's just the same as standing there listening to them talk to their friends. The phones do need to be put away and secured though when on the coaster. When we were at BGT last weekend, we watched a girl chatting on her phone on the Lion side of Gwazi as it pulled back into the station. Even as her friend next to her's lap bar wouldn't go up and the ops had to jimmy it open, she continued to sit there and chat, oblivious to the whole thing. It's like yeesh allready, hang up your freaking phone!
I don't mind guests having them in line, smoking's a bigger issue with me. What I always get a kick out of is the people that hold there phones up to there ear, and don't say anything at all. (And you know they aren't really on the phone.)

I believe that the final verdict on the Villain incident was that the person was struck by a rock thrown from outside the fence, not a cell phone.

Personally, I don't want a cell phone in the park. I want to be unavailable during by leisure time if possible.

I will not lie, I've use cell phones on coasters before. Usually it'll start ringing in the station, or on the brake run, so I answer it and let them know I'll call them right back. I've had a cell phone on me at all times since I was in the 6th grade, and I've also lost my cell phones on 3 different coasters, but I'm just more cautious now. Zipper pockets are your friend.

A lot of the old farts seem to have problems with new technology- cell phones included. I can understand how they can be annoying, but they can also be very handy.

Nothing beats a pocket sized cell phone jammer, and the effects it has in traffic, not to mention ride queues. :-)

Best investment I've made yet. I love it especially in the morning commute.

MotorCityCoasterFan said:

Standing in line with someone chatting on a cell phone is as irritating as going to a movie and listening to some clown talk on their cell during the flick.

Oh please. Do you need it perfectly silent while you're waiting in line in order to enjoy the experience? How is someone talking on his or her cell phone any more disruptive than someone talking to the person next to him/her? I can understand having a problem with people using cell phones on the ride, but in line? Give me a break. Lighten up.


I agree with many of the other posts...the smoking in line is an issue. I also have to agree that it is far more annoying that listening to a guest on a cell phone. At least your air isn't poisoned with pollution when a cell conversation takes place.

Others are also right. A cell conversation in line shouldn't be annoying...but when you are stuck amongst a group of teenagers its pretty frightful. I understand that most people don't abuse technology. For the handfull that do...you suck!

Regardless of the other posts that justify the need for a cell phone in a thrill park...I will still disagree. You do not need to be found that badly while on a visit. Phones are enough of a distraction at a job, home, or even an automobile. Its just nice to be away from that distraction for a few hours.

Thanks to everyone who has posted. Its been a lively post. I appreciate the conversation.

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A pocket sized cell-phone jammer??

Please explain more... more more more. Where can I get one of these things, how much are they, and what do they exactly do, that really sounds devilishly fun!! ;)

I do agree that cell phone should be secured to the rider in a zipper pocket or something. Yesterday at Geauga Lake I was waiting for my friends to get off steel venom and then when the ride was coming to a stop someones cell phone fell out of their pocket and hit the ground!

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Lets not forget what a great distraction/time-passer they are in line. I know a few rounds of mini-putt on my phone could get me through an hour wait for Superman. ;)

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