Cedar Point's White Water Landing at the end of its run

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Cedar Point's White Water Landing flume ride will close at the end of the season, after giving 28 million rides since it opened in 1982. The park is offering an official last ride contest.

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Well... even though I was told over and over that it was going. I didn't believe it until now.
These rides are at most parks in the US, so CP not having a version won't have any effect on me. Idlewild just restored and installed a log flume this year. In fact, many parks now have the 'soakier' large-capacity version, albeit not a log, like Kennywood's Pittsburg Plunge and Geauga Lake's Shipwreck Falls, which get everyone soaked completely, including many of the 'onlookers'.
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Very disapointing news.

And for a swing ride that esentially does the same thing as MaXair? Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.

Actually, these rides are NOT at most parks in the US.

White Water Landing was one of the first, if not THE first, Arrow "Hydro-Flume" rides...that is, a flume ride that includes a Hydro-Jump. That's the ramp at the bottom of the long drop that causes the boat to lift out of the water and hydroplane for a couple hundred feet. Prior to White Water Landing, most flumes just buried their noses in the water at the bottom of the long drop.

Kings Island took theirs out to make room for their Giant Top Spin in a Box; Cedar Point is now taking out White Water Landing...

To the best of my knowledge, Hersheypark still has the Coal Cracker. How many more of these things are still running? Cedar Point, Kings Island and Hersheypark...possibly Le Scoot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but I am not sure if that one is a Hydro-Flume or not...those are the only ones I've actually ridden...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Is one of the flumes at Six Flags in Chicago the Hydro-Flume type?

It does seem odd for Cedar Point not to have a "log flume" type ride, they seem to be an amusement park staple. They used to have two (Mill Race and WWL)... Granted, they have Snake River Falls, but that is a completely different experience than riding a log through the chutes.

I wonder if they'll get a smaller flume ride to replace WWL at some point. Heck, considering the size of WWL, they could probably part it out and make several "normal" sized log flumes...

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Dave....SFMM still has theirs, and GAdv has the one by Nitro. Those are the *other* two I can think of offhand...
I think that CP could hardly stand to lose one of their few "family" attractions but I suspect there is something in the works that will appeal to more than just the coaster fanatics. Perhaps they have more than 1 something in the works.

As I said over at the pointbuzz...I think a "waterworld" type area of the park could be established back there that would incorporate Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon, a water coaster and perhaps a new flume. Install some water cannons on the midways and let non-riders interact with riders. Put big signs up at the bridge near Snake River and further down the trail stating that you will likely get soaked if you enter that area of the park.

For people who do not want to get wet...build a bridge/midway through Millennium Island so that people can divert away from the splash zone. And, heck...let people wear bathing suits in that new area of the park.

If you do something like that you are able to involve all of your guests...even those non-riders and it would be something you can't find at any other theme park as far as I know.

Maybe they're going to replace it with a modern replica of Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride. Hey, I can dream, right!? :)
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Considering they are selling Demon Drop, I would think the Screaming Swing would go in it's place and the WWL area will be for something for 2007. Didn't Dick Kinzel say a couple years ago he planned to retire in a big way in 2007?
I'm pretty sure the Screamin' Swing won't be in place of either of those rides and will be on a plot of land closer to Snake River Falls on the CCMR exit side. Removing WWL seems to be in plans for something in 2007 and who knows about Demon Drop. I'm sad about WWL as well. One of my fave flumes outside of FL and CA.


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Didn't Dick Kinzel say a couple years ago he planned to retire in a big way in 2007?

I thought those were words enthusiasts put in his mouth?

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I thought so too. I haven't seen that stated anywhere. Frankly I don't believe he's that much about ego. He already has a legacy many decades in the making.
That is a shame. The ride fits perfectly in the area where it is located. It is more family friendly, and the park is in need of that kind of stuff. And they wonder why their attendance is decreasing............Too much focus on super thrill attractions and continuing to devalue the park atmosphere with more concrete in order to accomodate them.
The death of one of my favorite auto-spiels. I spent 2 days working on that one. *sigh*

Ohh well, progress must happen.

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It is more family friendly, and the park is in need of that kind of stuff.

Why are some assuming what replaces it won't be family-friendly?

So that's two Cedar Point rides being junked out of the park come Spring '06. Does anybody know the up-to-date situation with Demon Drop? It's always a sad thing when a park loses a flume ride. Now, Cedar Point will be one of only a very small percentage of large regional parks without a traditional style-log flume type ride.

Oh and RideMan, Cedar Point's White Water Landing isn't the first Hydro Flume, or even among the first. Those rides didn't really sell that well back then....But the first one went into Six Flags Magic Mountain 10 years before White Water Landing in 1972 by the name of Jet Stream. It's goes by the name of Arrowhead Splashdown now.

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Perhaps this new area created by removing WWL will include a flume? I could see them using portions of WWL for a smaller version that is accompanied by other rides and attractions.
Cedar Fair picked the wrong flume to get rid of. The flume at Geauga Lake was due for the scrap heap about 15 years ago.
Regarding Demon Drop: was it just my imagination or did I read someplace that Cedar Point plans to keep operating it until they find a buyer?

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