Cedar Point will spill the beans this week on Mean Streak makeover

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Many parks like Cedar Point in Sandusky have circled Wednesday on their calendars as the day they will announce their new attractions — more specifically roller coasters — for 2018. And the date of Aug. 16 is not so random. It is National Roller Coaster Day, so some parks are celebrating the day by announcing new thrill machines designed to make us scream for more and offering exclusive ride times to coaster enthusiasts.

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Thanks Tek. I'll be sure to tune into the Cedar Point facebook page :D

Folks on CB are already complaining about the name. How long until they start b1tching about the layout and hate the ride without ever riding it?

The one thing I'm not thrilled about is the leg restraints. I'm still bruised up quite a bit from Storm Chaser and Lightning Run last week. Gotta invest in a good pair of shin guards before next year's CP trip.

That said, looks like an awesome ride and can't wait to ride it!

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Watching the POV, I was actually very disoriented by the multiple inversions and overbanks on the "inner" part of the coaster. If this is the official computer-generated POV, this ride stands to be quite awesome. They really can't name coasters for sh*t though.

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Looks awesome, but I personally can't do that many inversions (twists esp.) anymore. I can't ride Joker or Outlaw Run more than twice per morning/afternoon/evening or I'll hurl. <some joke about Hurler>

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