Cedar Point Water Main Break - Park Will Not Open Today

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RCMAC said:

Speaking of employees, I suppose since Castaway and Express are open the dorms and such might be ok. But the men in the Cedars and the women in the hotel probably needed someplace to go. Ugh. What a nightmare.

Just imagine all the sex that must be happening right now!

Better than a blackout!

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RCMAC said:

Great snarks think alike, eh Josh?

Ha. Apparently so. I was on my phone and didn't see you had posted this already.

My son's group retreated to Chet & Matt's lunch buffet before heading back home, which salvaged the best of bad luck. Apparently the kids took it really well, but there's pretty much no way to reschedule it on a weekend when everyone can go---just looking at our calendar, we have all of two or three weekends between now and Labor Day when we could go back.

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I think we saw your son's group. They cleaned out the buffet. :)

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slithernoggin said:

I wonder if Cedar Point is helping guests find alternative area accommodations?

I can only imagine what kind of stress employees are dealing with.

I was booked at the Breakers from Thursday Night Through Sunday morning. They refunded my entire visit. I was not expecting that and did not ask for it. I did gladly accept it though. From what I saw they were helping people find alternative accommodations as best they could. I'm sure some people got moved to Breakers Express and Castaway Bay. But, as was previously stated, it was Ohio Bike Week and Colossal Con was going on at Kalahari. I had a GOCC meeting at Castaway Bay until 4pm and didn't get back to the Breakers until about 5pm. So, all the mayhem was over by the time we got there. I was very friendly to the staff and tried to lighten the mood a bit as I could tell they were wrapping up a very stressful day. We had not heard any official report about CFK at that point, but we knew the resort and park would be closed Sunday, so I just decided to go home. The money they gave back to me will be gladly spent on a future trip. I will be taking the 2 free CP tickets from CFK and bringing a couple of newbies to the park if I get them in time for their visit to Ohio.

What happened was pretty insane and I think the park did about as good as could be expected considering the circumstances. I'm sure this is something they never prepared for. While we were at Castaway, we saw employees trying to help out people on route 6 by letting them know what was going on. The causeway was deadstop bumper to bumper back to First Ave at 10am. By 10:30, it was back to Griffing Airport. I assume by 11 it was back to Rye Beach Rd. I hadn't heard anything about 250, but assume it was just as bad.

Because of my meeting on Saturday I was fortunate enough to get out of the hotel before all hell broke loose. From what I know and have heard, we probably finished using water in our room minutes before it was shut off. We got off property with no problem, which obviously wasn't the case for most people. The employee I spoke with at the front desk said the entire lobby was shoulder to shoulder with angry guests not long after we left.

I know this report wasn't structured very well. But, I'm remembering things as I type this and don't have time to reorganize it. :-)

Thank you to all the Cedar Point and Resorts staff for accommodating us as best they can in what was a very difficult situation.

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Anyone planning on visiting this week (and hasn't already purchased tickets) can get a pretty sweet deal.

In celebration of our reopening, we’re offering a special money-saving deal to our valued guests - the H20 Offer! Buy a one-day Cedar Point admission ticket now through Sunday, June 15 and receive a FREE Soak City ticket!

The Cedar Point one-day ticket for this offer is $39.99, a savings of $20 off the gate price and must be used by Sunday, June 15, 2014. Free Soak City ticket is valid for use any one day through September 1, 2014. Offer is available online only and not available at park ticket booths.

Jeff said:

I think we saw your son's group. They cleaned out the buffet. :)

The phrase my wife used was: "swarm of locusts."

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