Cedar Point Water Main Break - Park Will Not Open Today

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I guess now the whole peninsula needs to be evacuated! Including resorts...

It's a major bummer. My son's "unofficial" class trip was today.

But... will Shoot the Rapids be open?

The park is indeed closed. All guests are leaving the peninsula. Resorts are closed. Obviously, there is no water at all in the park.

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But the customer service guy assured me the water main wouldn't break during my visit...

I wonder if Cedar Point is helping guests find alternative area accommodations?

I can only imagine what kind of stress employees are dealing with.

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One of the most beautiful days here in Ohio I can remember.(short memory) Anyway, what a loss this will be for the park.

Isn't Coasting for Kids tomorrow? uh oh. Jeff and Dianna? Are you at the hotel this weekend?

Edit to say:

I mean, were you at the hotel this weekend?

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No water? They are surrounded by it. Isn't it ironic?

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The park announced on Facebook that today's tickets could also be used at Wildwater Kingdom and Kings Island (hopefully more than just today, since the drive to KI would eat up a good chunk of the day).

According to WKYC, hotels on the peninsula are closed tomorrow as well.

Apparently it happened about 200 feet past the toll booths.

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So, I'm assuming this means Shoot the Rapids is closed?

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It's a bit of a train wreck, but by 1 most people were off the peninsula. It's traffic around Sandusky that's a mess, because it's bike week, and there's some fantasy convention at Kalahari. There are no rooms in the immediate area. I had to go to Vermilion.

Crossing my fingers that they can open the park tomorrow and we can still do Coasting For Kids. Not ideal to come from Orlando and have the whole park close on you, but obviously this is out of their control.

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RCMAC said:
But... will Shoot the Rapids be open?

Great snarks think alike, eh Josh?

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If you want to experience Shoot the Rapids, just throw a bucket of water on your face and roll off of the couch.

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After a long, boring nap.

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Aaaand they're closed tomorrow:

PARK UPDATE (5:40 p.m.) - We continue to work with the City of Sandusky to restore water service to Cedar Point. The latest assessment is that the necessary repairs will require several more hours to complete. Once the water main is repaired, there are additional procedures that must be taken to restore water pressure to all areas on the property, and testing that must follow to ensure the systems are working properly and the appropriate water quality is established.

At this time we have made the decision to keep the park and resort properties closed until Monday, June 9th when – subject to any unforeseen complications – we would anticipate resuming normal operations. As the repairs advance throughout the evening and into Sunday we will provide additional updates.

We recognize that this situation has caused many of our guests to be disappointed. We are sorry that this has happened.

All Cedar Point tickets will be honored on any operating day in 2014 where the park is open to the public.

Please visit cedarpoint.com for additional updates and information.

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So exactly when did this happen? Was it early Saturday or late Friday

Early today. (Saturday) I looked at the webcams around 9-9:30 this morning and there werecars in the lot and people on the midways. Now it's a ghost town, not a soul in the park, including employees, and I saw one maintenance vehicle in the parking lot. Weird.

Like I said before, this could not have happened on a more beautiful weekend. The only thing that might make it worse for the park, is if it happened on a Halloweekend or Coastermania or something.

Speaking of employees, I suppose since Castaway and Express are open the dorms and such might be ok. But the men in the Cedars and the women in the hotel probably needed someplace to go. Ugh. What a nightmare.

I wonder if the homes along the chausee are affected as well? Or does CP's main water supply travel along the causeway?

While not convenient for everyone, (Jeff gets the prize here), maybe Coasting for Kids will be rescheduled. I suppose they could just cancel and collect the money anyway, but that would suck for the participants that were so looking forward to it.

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Yeah, I'm wondering if they'll reschedule for next Sunday or what. Maybe we could marathon a slide at Castaway Bay tomorrow instead. ;) Tony tweeted "more info to come at a later date."

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When we know more we'll let everyone know, if course.

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