Cedar Point vague Twitters that Mean Streak will "get the axe"

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Cedar Point made the following tweet today, with a video that says Mean Streak will "get the axe" on September 16:

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Did Kinzel go all Letterman on us and appear in the end of that video?

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The man with the axe represents a lot of us. :) That was the coolest, most imaginative commercial advertising the closing of a roller coaster I have ever seen. LOL. I bet this ties in with the theme of the ride's next incarnation.

I like Mean Streak for what it is. It's so large and oddly beautiful that it wouldn't make sense to demolish it and use the land for something completely different. I can't wait to see what they've got going on.

Now let them go forth and make crappy NoLimits RMC redesigns.

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If you look at the current footers some are marked with an orange dot. Others are not. Whatever goes in may be reusing some of the footers. That may be what they are implying with "getting the axe". They used something similar for the Mantis closing announcement to "take a final stand".

Blue People fly sideways when it rains...

They did a very good job on the video. The gates closing in front of the sign was a nice touch. I'm going to miss the metal squeal noise it made going around the turns. I just hope we get something wooden in its place, I don't want Blue Streak to be the only one.

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Mean Streak was created during a time when building the tallest, fastest, and steepest was the most important thing. These woodies weren't always built for longevity. I loved it when I was a kid, but it didn't age well at all. Whether we are talking about a rebuild or a totally new coaster, I welcome it. Mean Streak stopped being fun a while ago and I cannot wait for what replaces it...

I have never seen coaster enthusiasts so excited for the REMOVAL of a coaster before.

I have never seen more facts spewed out with such certainty by certain folks who know absolutely nothing about the business of the industry in other places on the internet. Which is why I genuinely enjoy reading and posting here!

0g said:

I have never seen coaster enthusiasts so excited for the REMOVAL of a coaster before.

Did you forget about Viper at gradv?

If they were tearing the whole ride down the guy would've had a match not an axe! RMC is the only option for that pos, and the park needs an airtime coaster which it lacks!

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Didn't RMC work on the recent Ghostrider refurb?

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No, that was GCI


I can think of one group of people saddened by this video and the recent video of shockwave footage posted on the site. That would be chiropractors!

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Jephry said:

Mean Streak was created during a time when building the tallest, fastest, and steepest was the most important thing.

I don't think CP has ever stopped chasing those records. Now, in addition to the above 3 records, they make up new ones so they can have a record breaking amount of records broken.

RMC conversion seems reasonable, however I've always thought that structural integrity was the problem and why it was slowed down, not the track itself. If it ran full speed the structure had problems with movement and weakening. This was brought up years ago at a q & a at coaster mania I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong

Blue People fly sideways when it rains...

What if that old codger chopped just enough in just the right place to cause the ride to collapse?

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I came in late to this. What's happening with Mean Streak exactly? It's being demolished, it's being RMC'd, or nothing is happening to it at all?

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All we know is Mean Streak is closing on Friday, September 16 with final rides that Halloweekends Friday for only one hour, from 6-7pm. The last full operating day for the ride will be Sunday, September 11. After that, nothing has been announced.

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