Cedar Point survey markers

I was just at the point the last few days and while riding Millennium Force I noticed that a crew was doing some surveying work on the island turnaround. A trailer is also out there that the crew was sitting in to take a break from the heat. Any ideas what they might be surveying for?

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Cotton candy stands?
Let the speculation begin.
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The speculation will be over in another week or so.

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Well looks like a B@M Dive Coaster is coming. Which is good since Shapiro nixed Great America's proposed 2009 one.

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There's going to be a Halloweekends maze on the island this year, I believe.

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Anyone else find it strange we have found no hints for what is new at CP next year?
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Not at all.

A maze through there could be cool if its kept outside for the most part.

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Ronman said:
Well looks like a B@M Dive Coaster is coming. Which is good since Shapiro nixed Great America's proposed 2009 one.
I thought you were kidding, but I guess you really believe that. And why is Bolliger at Mabillard? Is it an engineer cage match?

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^LOL I'd order that pay per view show. :)

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Giving a whole new meaning to "Let's Roll!"

Walter would totally wipe the floor with Claude.

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Walter's probably annoyed because he's the one who has to put in ALL of the "face-time" with enthusiasts...Claude probably doesn't even know what gravy tastes like. :)
Notorious tag team breaks up and does battle!

Almost as epic as when the Rockers split.

Great! Let's crap up that part of the park with another overrated coaster! Yee Haw....
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Or something a lot more common sense announced next week.

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It's all Yoko's fault.
They're surveying for a 500-ft dueling flyer. :)

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Perhaps we're finally getting the Tallest Fastest Rotating Restaurant.

The island is going to be turned into Cedar Point's most heinously terrifying walk-through haunt yet: THE LABYRINTH OF THE SALESPEOPLE!!!! Unsuspecting customers will be forced through a seemingly endless maze of vendors and sales reps, promising incredible deals for timeshares on Boca Raton . . .

The survivors will emerge at the end, shaken, scarred, and with substantially reduced bank accounts.

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