Cedar Point says Magic Mountain will have little impact on attendance

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According to the Toledo Blade, Cedar Point is not worried about the announcement that Six Flags Magic Mountain made regarding its three new coasters.

Read the entire article from Toledo.

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I bet kennywood never won a spelling bee.

I think this is Cedar Point's way to get back at Magic Mountain for building 3 coasters. If Cedar Point really wanted attention they should have an article in the USA Today.

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Gather round, friends, and let's take part in a geography lesson.

Some of my best friends live in Valencia, a few minutes from Six Flags Magic Mountain. They came over last weekend and we got to talking about it. I said that I still thought Cedar Point would be better.

"Cedar who???"

It's a regional thing. CP does get a lot more of the enthusiast croud because no one really lives in Sandusky :). Sure, the ACErs will make a point to get to SFMM this summer, but they always go to Cedar Point. No one should be worried about that.

About the merciless placing of rides in an overcrowded park... Maybe. (Note to SFMM: Remove Psyclone, or do something to that piece of junk... Also, get the heck rid of Flashback, PLEASE!... And the restraints on Revolution... Need I say more?)
I dont see what all the fuss was before. I dont think SFMM lost any attendance due to the opening of MF.

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Like I've said before the GP on the West coast has never heard of Cedar Point,don't know where Sandusky is and could really give a you know what.We're talking about regional markets here. While the bragging rights will get them some free press,it will not likely heavily impact the gate at either park. People in the midwest will still go to the Point, and people in SoCal will still go to MM. Enthusiasts make up an infantisamal part of the market. They are handy for promotional purposes but are not the reason why a park decides to do anything.
And Kennywood, change your name. You are dishonoring one the grand names of the amusement industry.
I agree that what ever C.P. or SFMM does, it will not affect each others attendance. They are 2,600 miles apart, and most of the general public cannot afford the travel expenses going back and forth from C.P. to SFMM.
If Cedar Point wants to worry about anyone, then it should be PKI and SFO. Those are large enough parks within the state of Ohio that could take away some attendance. Same goes for SFMM with Knott's Berry Farm and Disney around the area.

Okay Cedar Point is going to lose the record. I think it is kind of stupid to steal be debating whether Superman is a roller coaster or not. I mean first they said its the tallest and fastest ROLLER COASTER. Then when Goliath was built it turned into the tallest SHUTTLE ROLLER COASTER. The definition of roller coasters has changed over the years. Some roller coasters no longer rely on gravity so how can someone say what is a coaster and what isn't. But if they was the case, anything could be a coaster. Superman goes up and goes back down, in my opinion Demon Drop (for all the CPers out there) is more of a coaster than Superman, but all we can state are opinions. I am a big fan of Cedar Point and I am upset they are losing the record to Six Flags Magic Mountain (it could be worse they could have lost it to King's Island) but I think when it is all said and done it all lies on what Guinness. I don't like the way Magic Mountain kept changing the tallest factor for Superman.

People are wondering why it is such a fuss. You have to understand when records and things are at hand there is usually always something weird. When King's Island stated they were tied with Cedar Point, they counted 1 coaster as two. Now you have another place that seems like it is doing something simular. Also even if Cedar Point and Magic Mountain are not close to each other both parks want to say "I have the most coasters." Everyone knows Cedar Point because of its "most coaster" record (enthusiest).

Also I think Magic Mountain is going to be majorly overcrowded, look at Disney. It is not going to be a great year for riders.

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So I'm not the only one who "gets it." Thanks, Cynic, for telling it like it is.

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I'm from around there and I think they should be worried but X sounds tight
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Of course the record is important, but who even thought for a minute, that SFMM would "steal" any of CP's business? Taking records, yes. Taking customers, no.

BTW, 15 = 15, and 15 > 14: no matter how you count them.

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The only thing Cedar Point is afraid of with the coaster wars is bragging rights to the most coasters in one park. Superman:The Escape is a Reverse Free Fall Coaster. Let's face it, Cedar Point "you snooze, you lose". Even though Cedar Point is my home park, Fair is Fair is Fair and you lost, maybe next year
Magic Mountain can call Superman:The Escape anything they want, they paid the millions for it and if push came to shove, they could claim it as two coasters because it does have two tracks, so let's stop being superficial about the whole thing, it's not the end of the world for either park, Magic Mountain and Cedar Point are not directly affected by each other, and most people don't know a Cedar Point or Magic Mountain from a stranger on the street, and most people don't care about the amount of coasters in a park anyway, because on a hot Saturday afternoon in July you're lucky to hit five coasters. I know from experience because I went to Cedar Point on a Saturday waited in line for Millennium Force for 3 hours, rode Gemini, Power Tower then it was time to go. So fifteen coasters great, you probably won't have the chance to even ride half!

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Yeah they can "CALL" it what they want but it doesn't depend on what they call it. But I have to say one thing about your comment jp, the whole thing about "You snooze you lose." You make it seem like Cedar Point just slept on making a coaster. They just built one. Now SFMM is has Goliath this year and will have 3 next year. How long do you think it will be before they can build another?

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Am I the only one in the entire world who doesn't give "two monkey craps" if CP loses the record? I could care less because they have a great coaster lineup and that's all that matters to me ;)

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Records are made to be broken. Cedar Point is a great park, and so is SFMM. But when it comes down to it, Cedar Point wont lose any business. And next year, we'll probably see them regain there record.

Hey JP, good point about not getting to ride all the coasters to. It took me 2 and a half days at Cedar point this summer to get to ride all of the coasters because of the lines. But it was worth it :)
First of all, off the topic, I would just like to say that I can't stand how CP is so traditional. They would never add something like S:TE, X, a Super Invertigo, or a space diver. Back to the subject though. Only hardcore thrill seekers would be swayed to get to SFMM, instead of CP (if they had to make a choice). But people who just go to CP for a vacation every summer won't travel 2,000 more miles to ride a couple new coasters that they don't even care about.
Well I can say one thing, adding portable rides just just hold on to a record is a bad idea if ever I have heard one. Shame on that guy in the article for even suggesting such nonsense. SFMM and CP have earned the rights to their records from long histories of building cutting edge rollercoasters. Why the heck would you tarnish that rep by adding quick carnival rides? This sounds more like the work of trouble making enthusiasts, than Cedar Point. I honestly don't this this came as much of a surprise to CP, nor do I think they care all that much. Nor do I think they will rush to reclaim the record. They have to know that for the next few years SFMM can justify deep spending on the park based on increasing competition from Disney and Knott's. So I think CP will just keep adding quality coasters at their normal rate and adding to their great line up. The sky is the limit for SFMM for at least 2-3 years while having to go up against DCA and the emerging Knott's Berry Farm. Don't be surprised if SFMM adds yet another small coaster pakage in 2002. But I want flat rides!!!

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Ok well first of all i have to say one thing. When in the world did SFMM ever start getting into the record buisness. I mean they've been kinda quiet until they got goliath. Then they thought that they could take over the world. If you ask me theyre starting to act like japan did with the SD2K (which i dont think was even right)They decided they were going to break the record by 8 feet. OMG!!! Its amazing! Not really but im just voicing my opinion. Anyway CP has set the record for the most coasters ever since the early 90's. So every CP fan out there dont worry they will have there revenge and it will be the greatest!
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All record breakers at one point. I'd say they've been breaking records for quite awhile. But like anything else, made to be broken.

Deja Vu-will be tallest Invertigo
X-Will have steepest continuous circuit drop

Life consists of two kinds of people, those who accept, and those who sit back and cry...
I'm pretty sure SFMM had the idea of breaking CP's record a few years ago. I mean they just don't decide they want a new prototype coaster and get it the next year. Arrow has probobaly been desinging X for years. Also I dont think it means that much that SFMM has 1 more coaster than CP. People aren't going to just stop going to CP cause they lost a record. CP isn't going to lose business but I believe SFMM will gain business.

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Actually, Sim, from what I've heard, X won't be opening until June. Hypersonic XLC will have already opened, and with it's 90 degree drop, it would claim that record...

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